2021 SURVIVAL DAY 1 (Disposable Face Masks )

Happy New Year!!! Let’s hope that 2021 is heads and tales above 2020 and not repeat the same mistakes. Masks aren’t optional, they aren’t political, and you are helping to save yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Wear a f*cking mask. Keep Disposable Face Masks in your car, by your front door, and wear one whenever you are outside.

One out of every thousand people in the US have died of Covid-19. It’s not a joke, and its not the flu. Wear a f*cking Disposable Face Mask and stop trying to make a deadly pandemic into a political or rights issue.

1 Out of 1000 Dead, And Growing
  • Disposable Face Masks: 3-Layers Protection, the inner layer is a soft non-woven fabric, which can absorb the moisture from the breath of the wearer. The middle layer is a melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer for better filter out the particles in the air. The outer layer is a water-resistant layer which can block the splashing liquid in the air.
  • Face Masks: Adjustable nose clip can help to create a tight seal & stop glasses from fogging. Comfortable and soft elastic ear loops can eliminate pressure to the ears for maximum comfort. And it can be used with earloop holders to reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time.
  • Disposable Masks: Multiple folds design can completely block out the chin, nose and mouth from dust, smoke, debris,automobile exhaust, and pollen.
  • Masks: Suitable for home, office, school, catering services, food processing, environmental cleaning and other public places.
  • Mouth Mask: There are 50 pcs disposable face masks in a box, and these masks is a general use mask, and it is not intended for medical use.
DayItemCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 1Disposable Face MasksBasic Gear$15 X 2 = $30
Total = $30