Black Summer, Season 2, Episode 1

The Cold just dropped! It is finally here, I’ve been waiting since Netflix announced Season 2!!! Black Summer has returned.

Black Summer Season 2

Scene 1 Luke And Sophie

The Cold opens with a brutal reminder of just how deadly the Black Summer world is. A lone survivor is siphoning gas, a Zombie in the distance as he takes what he can get, using a KFC bucket to collect some fuel. He makes it back into his car and starts to drive off when life goes sideways. It is an awesome, in your face reminder of how harsh this world is.

Scene 2 Four Months Later

The view shifts to a snowy landscape, and we see an aircraft drop supplies to someone waiting below.

The Plane

Who is dropping the supplies? We don’t know yet. Who is going to pick them up? Don’t know that yet either – but we do quickly get introduced to a man fleeing across the snow, a Zombie in slow pursuit behind him. It is a cruel world, and when our fleeing man thinks he’s been saved, well, he finds out that he isn’t.

Dead Men

Scene 3 Ambush

Time jumps backwards to the next scene…

We then get introduced to a new band of survivors, or two bands of survivors who are duking it out. Things are chaotic. As men and woman die they quickly turn into the Undead and get back on their feet, attacking anyone nearby.

When the more heavily armed group flees in vehicles we find those left behind are a ragged group of cold, starving people who just want a chance at survival.

Scene 4 Prisoners

Time jumps backwards to the next scene…

The well armed group is interrogating a man. He just happens to be the Zombie from Scene 2. We then see the beginning of the battle, mostly from the viewpoint of a young Asian woman. I think that is Sun? It’s so hard to tell because they don’t say a lot of names and everyone has aged/weathered since Season 1. We then loop back to the airdrop. The well armed group didn’t flee, they appear to look up and try to chase it? Which leads them to the sniper house.

Scene 5 The Dead

Are we back in current time? I don’t know, but we see a man stuck in a tree. When he gets a chance he picks up some firewood and flees to the house entry, begging to be let in. He did get the firewood after all.

Rose greets him with a shotgun, and she struggles with whether she should let him in or not. He promises that “what’s done is done” before she relends, agreeing to let him stay to help build a fire and remove the bodies.

As Rose enters the room we get introduced to our sniper:

Rosey The Sniper

Even better, we find out that Rose found her daughter. Rose then gives the Freddie a very important speech. Look at Anna (Rose’s daughter) and you die. We don’t know exactly what happened before, but it’s clear Rose had some interactions with Freddie and his group. Rose was the one doing the sniping, or at least its implied. We also hear the plane again, making me uncertain as to whether this is all occurring before Scene 2?

Scene 6 Ditched

A man wakes up on the floor of the woods. He’s hurt and struggling, a bullet wound in his side as he climbs up a ravine to the street. We see a mountain in the distance as he starts to stumble towards it. Is that Spears? I think that is Spears!

Scene 7 Lemons

We jump back to Scene 1, with the driver who betrayed our original car owner waking up after his collision with a cop car. He’s hurt and when he sees a door close nearby he begs for whoever is inside to let him in. He’s persistent, at least until he hears a shotgun rack. and he flees, scavenging the local cop cars until he meets his final fate.

The Cold Scoring

Overall I’m giving The Cold a 95/100. The brutality of the whole episode was just awesome. I took five points off for the reverse chronology of the scenes giving me a headache. Even so, this is definitely Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99

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If you are looking for a fix I’d suggest The Walking Dead!

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