Immigrants Are Not Our Problem

I live in a rural community. There are a bunch of farms near me and it is a Republican dominated county. The scary part is that even the local Republicans have been twisted by Mitch & Kevin’s “Kill The Middle Class” policies.

I’ve given money to the party in the past so they don’t mind knocking on my door when they need donations. I had an official at the state level tell me I need to donate to support making sure we had jobs here by keeping the immigrants off the farms.

I asked him how he felt about the tax free holidays the county gives Wal-Mart and the massive Wawa off the turnpike. He tried to tell me that those generated jobs – but it also gives those hugely profitable companies tax free real estate – all while I pay more and more in property taxes.

Immigrants are stealing jobs. The super rich are screwing over the Middle Class, all while Mitch & Kevin whisper lies about how its not really about continued policies to make sure the rich just keep getting richer.

*This is an opinion piece.

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