Pro Life Movement Is Owned By Satan

The Pro Life Movement has been co-opted by the devil.

How do I know? Because they don’t give a single f*ck what happens to the children before they are born unless its about abortion, and care even less once the kid is born.

My proof?

At 5.8 deaths per 1,000 live births, the United States ranks No. 33 out of 36 OECD countries...
-AHR 2019 Report 

Because we don’t have prenatal care via Universal Healthcare we are ranked 33 out of 36 for infant mortality.

If the Pro Lifers really cared about children and women they would be screaming for free prenatal care, free child care, free education, and a system that protected those children from gun violence after birth.

But they don’t care, because the Pro Lifers have given over to Satan and hate. What better way for Satan to win than to have someone do something in the name of God while they are harming the most vulnerable.

*This is an opinion piece.

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