Warcraft – The Movie

I’m sure a lot of people had high hopes for the movie adaption of “Warcraft”.  A lot of them are very sad right now. Warcraft was a horrible mess.

The storyline was slow to pick up and all over the place. I’m sure die hard fans will find a thousand references from the game and be uber excited because they feel like the movie spoke to them.

How many die hard fan boys are there? Based on the disappointing ticket sales so far, I am going to guess not as many as Blizzard and the movie studio would have hoped.

****Spoilers Below****

Okay, so what was so wrong with the movie?

The father son relationship between Callan and his dad, Anduin Lothar was just unbearably scripted. Only son, father desperate to protect him, of course Callan was going to die.

Strange slave girl (Garona) get captured? Let’s just let the queen put herself in harms way to see what will happen – and if this strange green hottie doesn’t appear to be trusting in return, lets have the queen put a knife in her hands and tell her that trust has to be earned.

Which takes us right along to the love story between Garona and Lothar and the perceived betrayal at the end of the movie.

Mix all this up and you have what feels like a movie script that was created by a computer. Put in the names you want and it spits out a script that hits all the major formulaic plot points and who cares if we’ve all seen it done before (and better).


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