Survival Day 8 (Extreme Cold Weather Socks)

Assuming you are dressed for the weather, don’t ignore cold toes. It means its time to get inside or seek shelter. Once your toes feel cold it means two things. The first is that the blood coming from your core is no longer supplying enough heat to your extremities, and that you are now beginning to cool off globally – which means you need to worry about things like your toes and fingers getting frostbite, and in really bad situations hypothermia – which is no joking matter.

How do you keep yourself warm? Start with these Extreme Cold Weather Socks and then layer. Layers let you add or remove to match the temperature (While trying not to get overheated – nothing is more dangerous than sweating in the cold then having it freeze against you later.)

Start with your feet and stay warm with these Extreme Cold Weather Socks when you are gearing up to survive the cold weather.

  • Made in US
  • Machine Wash
  • FastDry Technology moves away sweat
  • Fully cushioned for warmth and protection against the elements
  • Reinforcement throughout the sole
  • Ankle vents reduce bulk
  • Odor control keeps socks feeling fresh

Undead-Earth Survival Gear List 2017

DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 8Extreme Cold Weather SocksCold Weather Gear / Camping / Survival Clothing$12 X 4 = $48
To Date $830
Survival Day 7Fire StarterBasic Supplies / Bug Out Stuff$8 X 2 = $16
To Date $782
Survival Day 6Pocket KnifeWeapons$38
To Date $766
Survival Day 5Window WedgeSecurity / Travel$4 X 4 = $16
To Date $728
Survival Day 4Solar Water Heater PanelTechnology / Cold Weather Gear / Health$137 x 4 = $548
To Date $712
Survival Day 345-Piece Screwdriving SetTools / Bolt Hole Stuff$10
To Date $164
Survival Day 2All Purpose Flour PailBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$34 X 4 = $136
To Date $154
Survival Day 1Ultra Light Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag LinerCold Weather Gear / Camping / Vehicle Gear$18
To Date $18
365 Days Of Undead-Earth Survival Gear

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