Survival Day 9 (Frito-Lay Variety Pack)

Survival isn’t about just living to see tomorrow. After the dust settles and you have your bolt hole as secure as it can be – sometimes you need just a little bit of comfort to keep going, and that is what this Frito-Lay Variety Pack is all about.

You’ve pushed the undead off the feeder road up to your bolt hole and dropped enough trees to keep them moving along the highway. You are tired and your arms hurt from swinging an axe for days on end.

You are alive, but you feel weary – bone tired – but what’s worse is that the people around you are picking up on your mood and they aren’t sure if everything is okay. You need to turn things around before moral slips any further.

Which is where this Frito-Lay Variety Pack comes in handy. Give your fellow survivors a little bit of salt, sugar, and the sweet taste of the before, and everyone will feel a little bit better. Just remember to wash your hands before eating, because licking cheese off your fingers and getting some residual zombie brains is just gross.

  • Includes your favorite varieties of Lay’s, Cheetos, Fritos, and Doritos brand chips and snacks
  • Perfect for after-school snacks, picnics, sporting games, and lunch treats
  • Individually wrapped, perfect for packing lunches
  • Delicious on-the-go snacking options
  • Ten 1 oz. bags of FRITOS Original Corn Chips, sixteen 1 oz. bags of CHEETOS Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snacks, eight 1 oz. bags of DORITOS Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips, twelve 1 oz. bags of LAY’S Classic, four 1. oz. bags of LAY’S Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips

Undead-Earth Survival Gear List 2017

DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 9Frito-Lay Variety PackBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$12 X 4 = $48
To Date $878
Survival Day 8Extreme Cold Weather SocksCold Weather Gear / Camping / Survival Clothing$12 X 4 = $48
To Date $830
Survival Day 7Fire StarterBasic Supplies / Bug Out Stuff$8 X 2 = $16
To Date $782
Survival Day 6Pocket KnifeWeapons$38
To Date $766
Survival Day 5Window WedgeSecurity / Travel$4 X 4 = $16
To Date $728
Survival Day 4Solar Water Heater PanelTechnology / Cold Weather Gear / Health$137 x 4 = $548
To Date $712
Survival Day 345-Piece Screwdriving SetTools / Bolt Hole Stuff$10
To Date $164
Survival Day 2All Purpose Flour PailBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$34 X 4 = $136
To Date $154
Survival Day 1Ultra Light Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag LinerCold Weather Gear / Camping / Vehicle Gear$18
To Date $18
365 Days Of Undead-Earth Survival Gear

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