Survival Day 15 (Salt Bucket)

The average person consumes roughly 5lb of Salt per year in America. That means that each of these 10 Pound Salt Buckets is a two year supply per person based on current consumption levels. Unfortunately that doesn’t account for the fact that you are going to need even more Salt in order to store food when the apocalypse hits. Salted fish? Salted venison? Basically any meat you can cut into strips and stack in layers between Salt will work.

How much Salt? That depends on how thick your meat is and how long you need to store it. You shouldn’t cut your slabs more than an inch thick (in my opinion) and the thicker the cuts the more salt you need to layer to make sure there is enough to suck out all the moisture and inhibit bacterial growth.

My suggestion is to practice and experiment before the ZA starts. Don’t wait until you need the skill to survive before using it.

  • 10 Pounds
  • The same great granular salt you love in our pouches and shakers, now available in bulk
  • Perfect for food storage
DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 15Salt BucketBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$50 X 5 = $250
To Date $2000
Survival Day 14Stanley Classic Vacuum BottleFood / Cold Weather Gear$30
To Date $1750
Survival Day 13Watch HatSurvival Clothing / Cold Weather Gear$10 X 4 = $40
To Date $1720
Survival Day 12Pocket KnifeWeapons / Camping$55 X 2 = $110
To Date $1680
Survival Day 11Prograde Window LocksHome Security / Bolt Hole Stuff$12 X 5 = $60
To Date $1570
Survival Day 10Tire ChainsTools / Vehicle Gear$80 X 2 = $160
To Date $1510
Survival Day 9Case of 12 Genuine MREsBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$90 X 5 = $450
To Date $1350
Survival Day 8Snow Shovel And SawTools / Vehicle Gear$96
To Date $900
Survival Day 7Hiking/Camping/Performance SocksSurvival Clothing$25 X 4 = $100
To Date $804
Survival Day 6Go Girl Female UrinalGifts For Her / Bug Out Stuff$10 X 3 = $30
To Date $704
Survival Day 5Steel Door Security Bar For Inswinging DoorsHome Security$90 X 5 = $450
To Date $674
Survival Day 4Meal Prepping ContainersFood / Health$12 X 2 = $24
To Date $224
Survival Day 3Turbo TorchTechnology / Bug Out Stuff$30
To Date $200
Survival Day 2Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-ToolTools / Every Day Carry$70 X 2 = $140
To Date $170
Survival Day 1Fire StarterCamping / Vehicle Gear$15 X 2 = $30
To Date $30

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