Survival Day 35 (Camouflage Rain Suit)

Nothing ruins a camping, hiking, or hunting trip like being soaked to the bone in the freezing cold. Even in the summer a cold rain and no shelter can equal trouble, which is why I keep a Camouflage Rain Suit with all my gear, including in my vehicle.

I’ve used my Rain Suit to change tires in the pouring rain as well as to stay dry and warm while out on the water while waiting for the ducks to cross overhead. You will thank me when you pull this Rain Suit out when the skies open up and the temperature falls.

(For safety reasons I keep an orange vest in my vehicle as well. Don’t change a tire on a dark road with camo on, you know, because of safety and stuff.)

  • 100% Polyester
  • Revolutionary packable Unisex Rain Full Zip Jacket and Adjustable drawstring pants, you’ll never have to leave waterproof protection behind. Comes with a handy carryall bag. Streamlined design minimizes overall bulk and weight.
  • High Quality, Waterproof, Windproof, Weatherproof, Heavy Duty Camouflage Rain Suit with Cargo Pockets. This hunting rain suit is lightweight and designed for all weather and all purpose. Features a hooded jacket with drawstring, two front pockets and heavy duty zipper closure. Elastic waistline pants are adjustable with draw string, two cargo pockets and adjustable ankle zipper vents.
  • The WausauWear Camo rain suit is essential for Your Car Rescue Auto Rescue & RV Roadside Emergency Kit to stay dry during any storm. Camo Rain Suit comes in convenient zipper closure carryall bag, with extra buttons and snaps
  • Heavy Duty Zipper Front Closure with Durable Webbing Reinforcement Specially designed to endure the elements. Custom printing is available upon request. Please call or e-mail us for more details.
  • Attached adjustable hood, Wausauwear all-purpose camo suit well suited for hunting, fishing, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, paintball, camping, duck hunting, boating, golfing, motorcycle, archery, deer hunting, turkey hunting, construction jobs, worker, yard work, sporting events, etc.
DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 35Camouflage Rain SuitSurvival Clothing / Hunting$50 X 4 = $200
To Date $4000
Survival Day 34Travel Folding Soft ToothbrushBasic Supplies$10 X 3 = $30
To Date $3800
Survival Day 33Personal AlarmSecurity$10 X 10 = $100
To Date $3770
Survival Day 32Brooklyn Smasher Cold Steel Unbreakable BatWeapons$35 X 2 = $70
To Date $3670
Survival Day 31Panoramic Wireless LED Bulb CameraTechnology / Security$60 X 2 = $120
To Date $3600
Survival Day 3045-Piece Screwdriver SetTools / Garage Gear / Vehicle Gear$10 X 2 = $20
To Date $3480
Survival Day 29Vegetable OilBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$6 X 10 = $60
To Date $3460
Survival Day 28Camo Liner GlovesSurvival Clothing / Hunting$30 X 2 = $60
To Date $3400
Survival Day 27Stake and GrilleBasic Supplies / Cooking / Camping$55
To Date $3340
Survival Day 26Pepper SprayWeapons$7 X 5 = $35
To Date $3285
Survival Day 25Window WedgeSecurity$10 X 5 = $50
To Date $3250
Survival Day 24Solar Water Heater PanelTechnology / Off The Grid$605
To Date $3200
Survival Day 23CrowbarTools / Garage Gear / Vehicle Gear$20 X 3 = $60
To Date $2595
Survival Day 22Energy BarBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$10 X 20 = $200
To Date $2535
Survival Day 21Heavy Duty Tool BeltTools / Survival Clothing$55
To Date $2335
Survival Day 20Camouflage Twin Sheet SetBasic Supplies$50
To Date $2280
Survival Day 19Elk Ridge Fixed Blade MacheteWeapons / Knife Porn$25 X 4 = $100
To Date $2230
Survival Day 18Door Stop AlarmSecurity$10 X 3 = $30
To Date $2130
Survival Day 17Waterproof LED Rechargeable SpotlightTechnology / Garage Gear / Vehicle Gear$25 X 3 = $75
To Date $2100
Survival Day 169-in-1 Multi-Tool ScrewdriverTools / Garage Gear / Vehicle Gear$12.50 X 2 = $25
To Date $2025
Survival Day 15Salt BucketBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$50 X 5 = $250
To Date $2000
Survival Day 14Stanley Classic Vacuum BottleFood / Cold Weather Gear$30
To Date $1750
Survival Day 13Watch HatSurvival Clothing / Cold Weather Gear$10 X 4 = $40
To Date $1720
Survival Day 12Pocket KnifeWeapons / Camping$55 X 2 = $110
To Date $1680
Survival Day 11Prograde Window LocksHome Security / Bolt Hole Stuff$12 X 5 = $60
To Date $1570
Survival Day 10Tire ChainsTools / Vehicle Gear$80 X 2 = $160
To Date $1510
Survival Day 9Case of 12 Genuine MREsBulk Food / Bolt Hole Stuff$90 X 5 = $450
To Date $1350
Survival Day 8Snow Shovel And SawTools / Vehicle Gear$96
To Date $900
Survival Day 7Hiking/Camping/Performance SocksSurvival Clothing$25 X 4 = $100
To Date $804
Survival Day 6Go Girl Female UrinalGifts For Her / Bug Out Stuff$10 X 3 = $30
To Date $704
Survival Day 5Steel Door Security Bar For Inswinging DoorsHome Security$90 X 5 = $450
To Date $674
Survival Day 4Meal Prepping ContainersFood / Health$12 X 2 = $24
To Date $224
Survival Day 3Turbo TorchTechnology / Bug Out Stuff$30
To Date $200
Survival Day 2Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-ToolTools / Every Day Carry$70 X 2 = $140
To Date $170
Survival Day 1Fire StarterCamping / Vehicle Gear$15 X 2 = $30
To Date $30

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