Trump – No Plan To Stop Mass Shootings

I love to shoot.

I like to go to the range. I love going to shoot clays.

I also believe we have a duty to our children and our society to try and do something to stop mass killings.

Let’s start with a universal database. Law enforcement should be able to know when they pull up with a warrant or get called to a domestic abuse case, if the owner of the home has firearms.

This will help save Police Officers lives.

Then we need to change state laws and level set at the federal level. The crazy state by state differences are insane. One set of universal rules.

Get a DUI, you lose your right to own a gun for a year.  Everything you have has to be sold or given to an FFL for a storage fee. You broke the law, now pay for it.

Get admitted to a Psyche unit against your will. You lose your right to own a gun until you get sign off by a mental health professional.

Gun control doesn’t mean they are coming for our guns. Gun control can save lives. We need to get over the attitude that the NRA has pushed that any compromise, no matter how logical, is a step to losing our rights to bear arms.

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