Trump – Tax Plan For The Rich

Trump’s tax plan is going to give $1.50 back to a secretary, and Trump & Paul Ryan think the average person is going to cheer for this while millionaires and billionaires get back more than most of us will make per year as a tax cut.

It is disgusting. The Middle Class is being killed by Trump & Ryan’s policies. They have turned the once proud Republican Party into a party of Weak on Russia sympathizers and traitors to fiscal conservative principles.

The Tax cuts are going to raise the deficit. End of story. I’m a fiscal conservative because I don’t think we should spend money we don’t have.

I thought my Republican Party was with me on that basic principle of not spending money we don’t have. It turns out Trump and Ryan were just saying they were fiscal conservatives to get my vote – and I want it back.

I want my vote back. I want my party back, I want a strong military and policies that help the Middle Class. Not policies that are Weak on Russia and only help the super wealthy.

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