Trump – Supported By Russian Bots

Trump’s support was bolstered by 500,000 Russian retweets, and Trump & Tillerson don’t think there is anything we can do to stop the Russian meddling, so why try?

It is almost like the people getting that support have no interest in stopping the Russians from meddling.

I don’t care who the Russians supported. Interfering with our elections should be considered an act of war. I want Russian hackers tracked down and I want hear about server farms in Russia found full of dead hackers. How did it happen? Who knows.

But I want Russia to pay.

Not Trump, Trump and Tillerson don’t care. Very strange, it is almost like they like Putin’s help isn’t it?

Anyone who supports this Weak On Russia president has to be voted out. Anyone who supports this Weak On Russia Congress has to go.

Take back our country. Take back the GOP.

Country Over Party!!!

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