Trump – Brainless

I’ve held off on commenting about the recent Parkland school shooting.

Partially out of respect, but mostly out of frustration.

I enjoy shooting. I enjoy firearms. I am also not a single issue voter who believes that the government is coming for us if I don’t have enough firepower in my closet.

Our children should not have to worry about getting shot in school.

The arguments that Trump and others make are stupid. They say the only way to stop this is to have armed adults there to counteract the threat, that not having them there makes schools targets. It is such a crock of bull. There was an armed resource officer at the school. Him being there didn’t dissuade the shooter.

Do I believe that all guns should be taken away.


Do I believe assault weapons and high powered rifles should be banned. Yes.

There is no reason for a normal person to have a 50 caliber rifle or an AR. Sorry, there just isn’t. You can hunt just find without one.

There is no reason that there shouldn’t be a gun registry. I’d trade an instant check system at the federal level for what we have no state by state any day. Cops should know when they pull you over if you have a firearm before you tell them. Cops should know when they are responding to domestic violence calls that there are guns in the house before they show up.

Being reasonable doesn’t mean they will do away with the second amendment. But it is a step towards stopping gun violence.

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