Trump – Only Solution To Guns Is More Guns

I enjoy shooting clays and going to the range.

I have a nice collection of firearms. I am believe in the 2nd amendment.

I don’t believe that all gun control is bad.

Assault rifles should be banned.

A national database should exist of every gun and who owns it. I have family members in law enforcement. They shouldn’t have to guess if you have a shotgun when they walk up to your door because of a domestic violence call.

I don’t see any reason why you need an assault rifle or clips with more than fifteen rounds.

There is a way to moderate how easy it is to get a weapon, and how easy it is to track after it leaves the manufacturer. Some gun owners will tell you these measures wouldn’t have stopped this crime or that crime. And they are right. But just because something is not 100% effective does not mean you don’t try.

Trump on the other hand wants to make schools into fortresses and arm the teachers. It is a silly and asinine solution to this problem.trump

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