Trump – A Choice

I love my guns.

I like to go to the range on a regular basis.

I also believe that there has to be reasonable gun controls and mechanisms to protect our police.

Trump on the other hand doesn’t think reasonable gun control can help fix the problem, and his team uses the same old bullshit. If the fix doesn’t work 100%, then it’s not worth doing it.

I’m not an asshat so I don’t go for that type of “all or nothing” approach.

Things that need to happen:

  1. Federal firearms register. Every gun, every person. My family who are in law enforcement shouldn’t have to wonder if the house they are rolling up on has firearms when they get called for domestic abuse or any other call. Having a register would mean that you can take someones rights away if they violate specific laws like stalking, domestic abuse, or reckless endangerment.
  2. Federal laws. This state to state bullshit is a joke. My buddies across the state can walk into a store and buy whatever they want. I have to wait six months to buy a handgun – even though I already own a dozen. It makes no sense and doesn’t really make a difference. Make it federal, and make it make sense. If I have a handgun and have owned it for over a year I should not need a permit (and be forced to wait) for every subsequent handgun. I’m clearly a collector and like to own different weapons.
  3. Strict enforcement and follow up. You can walk into any police station and surrender a gun you no longer want.  But every transfer has to be done. It can be done online with a simple form.  But violating it means you lose your rights to own a weapon. End of story.

Save our nation from the bastards that have taken over. Save our kids.

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