Trump – Manafort To Jail

Trump is supposed to be the chief defender of the laws of the United States.

Trump is supposed to defend our Constitution.

Instead Trump attacks the Department of Justice and bemoans the fact that the FBI went back a few years to find the illegal things that Manafort has done.

Is Trump arguing that Manafort is innocent? No – just that it isn’t fair to go back a few years.

Have the charges against Manafort gone past the statute limitations? No. So going after him is not just legal, but the right thing to do.

What does Trump want? He wants to let Manafort go because why? Does Manafort have dirt on Trump and the things the Russians did for him?

Trump feels the same about Flynn. It isn’t fair if you listen to Trump. What the hell is happening to our country? The head of the Executive Branch is attacking the FBI and the DOJ!!!!

It is almost like he’s a corrupt traitor trying to hide those facts from all of us isn’t it?

Save our country, save our nation. Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his corruption.

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