Trump – Wants To Be A King

Trump believes the best news, regardless of the source, while ignoring any truth that doesn’t fit into his world picture.

That means he thinks our country wants to abandon the constitution and make him a King.

Trump doesn’t believe he works for us, he thinks we should blindly follow whatever he says, because if not, “he’ll get involved”.

Trump really does scare me. He scares me because facts don’t matter. He scares me because there is part of his base that just don’t care about reality either. They don’t care that he screwed them with the tax cut or is destroying our economy with his trade policies. They believe the anti immigrant hate that is Trump’s bread and butter, and that is all they need to know.

They aren’t poor because wages have been stagnant for thirty years while corporate america gets ever richer. No, they are poor because some immigrant stole their job.

They aren’t poor because the education system has been turned into a for-profit revenue system they are priced out of. No, they are poor because some immigrant’s kids got a free breakfast and got to go to grade school.

They aren’t poor because a single medical emergency can put them into bankruptcy. No, they are poor because some immigrant got healthcare under a state or federal program.

The reason we are poor is because I’m an idiot who bought into Trump’s “Average Joe” marketing, as if a billionaire could understand what my life is like. The reason we are poor is because we, the richest nation in the world, allow corporate America to put profits over everything else.

Let’s fix our country. Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Let’s fix our country. Federal healthcare for all. No one should be forced into bankruptcy because they were hit by a car or had a heart attack.

Let’s fix our country. Remove the income caps on Social Security taxes and add more to the program. No one should starve as an old person or get kicked out of their homes.

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