Trump – Loves The Rich – Hates The Middle Class

I consider myself a fiscal conservative.

We shouldn’t spend more than we make.

Those with more pay more, because they get more. Progressive taxes are fair. My reasoning is simple. If I have a cheap car, my car payment is small. If I have a super car, my car payment will be super big as well.  Well guess what, when you are super rich, the military protects more of your assets than mine. End of story.

What has become clear is that the Trump Republicans have turned on their own base. They have created so much hatred that the real facts are getting lost. Trump Republicans lied about the impacts of the tax cuts – which are now ballooning our deficit – and Mitch McConnell (not just a traitor to his party, but also his country) has admitted this week that because of the deficit – they need to cut Social Security and Medicare.

The middle class relies on those programs to survive.

Save our country – vote out the Trump Republicans and lets get back to true fiscal conservatism.

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