Undead Kmiss Day 9 – (Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game)

We usually have  a family game night at least once a month, and sometimes one a week. We are always looking for new games to play and recently found Qwixx. It is one of those easy to learn, hard to master games that combines a bit of luck with strategy. If you want to have fun with your family this holiday season, put Qwixx into someone’s stocking and let the games begin.

  • BUNDLE – This bundle includes Qwixx Game, A Fast Family Dice Game + 200 replacement score sheets.
  • QWIXX GAME CONTENTS – 6 Dice, 1 Score Pad (100 sheets), Rules of Play in English and Spanish.
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF FUN – With an additional 2 Score Pads (200 sheets), there is no down time. You’ll never run of score sheets. GREAT FOR CLASSROOM PLAY.
  • LEARNING THROUGH PLAY MENSA SELECT WINNER – Qwixx reinforces probability, math, decision making and strategic thinking.
  • QUICK-PLAYING FOR 2-5 PLAYERS AGES 8+ – This quick-playing dice game will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Qwixx is simple to play but each decision is crucial – the more numbers you cross off, the more points you score. With no downtime between turns, you’ll have a chance to gain from each and every roll.
DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Undead Kmiss
Day 9
Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice GameHoliday Gifts$17
Undead Kmiss
Day 8
Anki Overdrive KitHoliday Gifts$140
Undead Kmiss
Day 7
Game Of Thrones TankardHoliday Gifts$75
Undead Kmiss
Day 6
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2Holiday Gifts$1600 - $3200
Undead Kmiss
Day 5
Inventor KitHoliday Gifts$150
Undead Kmiss
Day 4
Fire HD 8 TabletHoliday Gifts$80
Undead Kmiss
Day 3
Long Hooded BathrobeHoliday Gifts$55
Undead Kmiss
Day 2
Die Hard Movie CollectionHoliday Gifts$25
Undead Kmiss
Day 1
YETI 64oz RamblerHoliday Gifts$60

“Survival Day 313”

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