Survival Day 4 (Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Machete)

I’ve seen a lot of people accidentally cut themselves with edged tools/weapons. Hands get sweaty and a blade goes flying. Or a hand slips down onto the blade when the wielder hits something that they were expecting to give (and it doesn’t).

What is the critical factor to hold onto your blade and improve safety? It is the D handle on this Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Machete. The guard on this Machete means that your hand isn’t going to free and if you do hit something that makes the blade want to jump out of your hand, that guard gives you a split second to recover and hold on before it goes flying.

When the zombies start swarming you will be glad you have this Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Machete. It is quiet, functional, and you can hide it in plain sight, just put it on the wall next to your gardening tools and no one will ever look twice at it.

  • Affordable for everyone
  • Field tested
  • Made using high quality materials
DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 4Elk Ridge Fixed Blade MacheteWeapons$25 X 2 = $50
Total = $490
Survival Day 3Drop Bar Door BracketsSecurity$40 X 6 = $240
Total = $440
Survival Day 2Kaito KA500 Crank Emergency RadioTechnology$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $200
Survival Day 1Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding KnifeBasic Supplies$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $100
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