Survival Day 10 (Personal 130 dB Emergency Protection Alarm)

Buy one of these Personal 130 dB Emergency Protection Alarms for every loved on in your life. Then replace the batteries every year. Hopefully they will never need it, but if they do, it could mean the difference between life and death.

When the Zombie Apocalypse starts, this Personal Alarm has a critical feature that makes it serve two functions really well. The Rip Cord allows you to set these Alarms up as perimeter alarms. With some fishing line and this Alarm you can set up a safety net around your tent, cabin, or wherever you are sleeping or resting.

The second use for this is to create a zombie magnet. With two soda bottles and this Alarm you can make a simple timed alarm that will go off in a few minutes. Everything in earshot will come shambling towards the zombie magnet, and you can slip away, or use the diversion to get whatever you need done.

  • 130 dB
  • Rip Cord Activation
  • LED Light
DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 10Personal 130 dB Emergency Protection AlarmSecurity$15 X 10 = $150
Total = $1380
Survival Day 9Solar Charger 25000mAh With 4 Solar PanelsTechnology$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $1230
Survival Day 8Mechanics Tool SetTools$115 X 2 = $130
Total = $1130
Survival Day 7Trooper Ear Flap Bomber HatSurvival Clothing$25 X 2 = $50
Total = $1000
Survival Day 630-Day Emergency Food PailSurvival Food$100 X 4 = $400
Total = $950
Survival Day 5Travel/Camping UtensilsBasic Supplies$12 X 5 = $60
Total = $550
Survival Day 4Elk Ridge Fixed Blade MacheteWeapons$25 X 2 = $50
Total = $490
Survival Day 3Drop Bar Door BracketsSecurity$40 X 6 = $240
Total = $440
Survival Day 2Kaito KA500 Crank Emergency RadioTechnology$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $200
Survival Day 1Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding KnifeBasic Supplies$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $100

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