Whiskey Dreams – Kraken Rum

Kraken Rum was launched in the UK in 2010, and were lucky enough to get it in the states shortly after. My brother and my wife both love Kraken, although for different reasons. My brother drinks it with root beer and my wife likes the more traditional Kraken and ginger beer. They are actually the two that drank most of the bottle I polished off tonight.

I don’t do mixers. So whenever I score anything, I score it neat or over ice, and find that many alcohols open up nicely when poured over a chunk of ice. This is important because I think Kraken would easily score an 80/100 as a mixer, but as a sipper, it scores a bit lower at a 64/100.


  • Great mixer.
  • Full, rich flavor.


  • For me, this is a better mixer than a straight sipper.
  • A little too much burn and overpowering spice for straight sipping.
Bib & Tucker91$75 / 750ml
Angels Envy90$65 / 750ml
Old Forester 187080$55 / 50ml
Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon75$35 / 750ml
Basil Hayden's75$35 / 750ml
Teeling Whiskey70$50 / 750ml
Cruzan No. 9 Spiced Rum67$20 / 750ml
Beer Barrel Bourbon66$35 / 750ml
Gentleman Jack65$35 / 750ml
Kraken Rum64$25 / 750ml
Jefferson60$25/ 750ml
Jack Daniels`51$25 / 750ml
Widow Jane45$70 / 750ml
Woodford Reserve30$13 / 50ml
Winchester Extra Smooth15$23 / 750ml
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey10$20 / 750ml
Hill Billy9$20 / 750ml
Fireball5$18 / 750ml
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