Samsonite Million Mile Bag Goes Down

I’ve had my Samsonite bag for a long time, and it has traveled all over the world with me.

For two years (50 weeks a year) I was bi-coastal and would fly to San Francisco on Monday and fly home on the red eye Thursday night. Yes it sucked and was very hard on the family, but it was better than moving to the west coast and pulling my children from their schools.

I’ve also traveled all over the world for different conferences and to India multiple times as my development teams have always been there or in Romania.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that I’ve had a single carry on bag I use (as I refuse to check luggage) and that bag had a catastrophic failure on my way home from SFO yesterday. One of the wheels got caught in the elevator gap and was ripped off as I rolled through.

Very sad, this bag has been a fixture of my life as I’ve traveled. You will be missed, and I can only hope my next bag lasts this long as well.

I don’t keep track of my puddle jumper flights, so I know I’m way over a million miles on this bag. These are all the major legs.

Trip VolumeTripRound Trip MilesTotal
100PHL to SFO5042504200
30PHL to MUC8262247860
1PHL to BCN78487848
1PHL to VIE86668666
6PHL to BLR16808100848
4PHL to MSY21768704
1PHL to PNQ1589415894
16PHL to ORD135621696
6PHL to LAS435226112
3PHL to BNA13504050
11PHL to MCI207622836
21PHL to ORL171035910
1PHL to SXM33403340
Total Miles:1,007,964

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