I’m not a whiskey snob.


So don’t hate me for what I’m about to say.

When I grabbed this $30 bottle of Tin Cup off the budget shelf at my local liquor store I didn’t have massively high hopes for what I’d be getting in return for my hard earned dollars. Yes, I know that $30 is not cheap – but as my tastes in whiskey have grown I’ve found that a lot of lower priced bottles just don’t cut it anymore. So I was really happy with Tin Cup.

I opened this bottle on Friday…

By Sunday night I’d drank enough to form a solid opinion of the whiskey.

So how was it, I have to say that this is by far the best bottle of whiskey I’ve had at this price point. You can’t beat Tin Cup at $30 a bottle. It tastes like it is far more expensive than it is. Tin Cup more than earns its 85/100 score, and will be my new go to bottle when I want to enjoy a bourbon while relaxing over the weekend.


  • Smooth.
  • Wonderful spice and licorice on the tongue.
  • Can’t beat the quality to price ratio.


  • I didn’t find Tin Cup earlier.
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon94$45 / 750ml
Booker's "Sip Awhile" 2017-493$80 / 750ml
Bib & Tucker91$75 / 750ml
Angels Envy90$65 / 750ml
Tin Cup85$30 / 750ml
Jameson Blender's Dog82$67 / 750ml
Old Forester 187080$55 / 750ml
Old Forester 189779$55 / 750ml
Michters US 1 Small Batch79$45 / 750ml
Yellowstone78$35 / 750ml
Basil Hayden's75$35 / 750ml
Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon75$35 / 750ml
Hirsch Small Batch74$35 / 750ml
Stillhouse Black Bourbon73$20 / 750ml
Proper Twelve71$30 / 750ml
Teeling Whiskey70$50 / 750ml
Cruzan No. 9 Spiced Rum67$20 / 750ml
Four Roses Small Batch66$30 / 750ml
Beer Barrel Bourbon66$35 / 750ml
Gentleman Jack65$35 / 750ml
Kraken Rum64$25 / 750ml
Tullamore Dew63$25 / 750ml
Jefferson60$25/ 750ml
Elijah Craig57$27 / 750ml
Bulleit Bourbon56$28 / 750ml
Buffalo Trace55$25 / 750ml
Jack Daniels`51$25 / 750ml
Widow Jane45$70 / 750ml
Redemption40$30 / 750ml
Rowan's Creek39$30 / 750ml
Woodford Reserve30$13 / 50ml
Winchester Extra Smooth15$23 / 750ml
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey10$20 / 750ml
Hill Billy9$20 / 750ml
Fireball5$18 / 750ml

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