Keto And Company Pancakes

For the last two weeks I’ve had these Keto and Company Pancakes as a special treat for breakfast on Sunday. The recipe is simple and straightforward. So how do these taste?

Overall these are a great treat when you are a carb fiend like me and you want to have something that reminds you of pancakes. They aren’t perfect however.

The first issue is that if you follow the recipe, this is a really thick batter that does not spread well. The batter doesn’t “run” like a normal pancake batter, so you have to kind of smooth it out, but it has a tendency to tear.

I broke the rules after this, and added a splash of heavy cream in to make the batter run a little better, it did help, but its impossible to make a thin pancake, the batter just doesn’t flatten out.

The second issue is that you need to cook them carefully or they burn really fast. Don’t worry, I did eat it, I am a carb fiend after all, but you do need to pay attention when your cooking these

The final issue is syrup. I went with CHOC ZERO, and while it was sweet, it was so thick it was hard to pour. It tasted okay, but it pours like honey mixed with tar.

The final verdict is, yes, I will still be treating myself with Keto and Company Pancakes on Sunday mornings, and I’ll continue to experiment to see what works and what doesnt’t.

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