I prefer my bourbon on the rocks, as I find that a little ice helps open up the whiskey. This is how I also tried this Knob Creek Small Batch to begin with, and quite honestly, I found it not quite to my taste as it only scored a 49/100.

What do I do with bottles of whiskey I don’t really enjoy? I find that making Manhattan’s with them makes the whiskey much more palatable. For whiskey I don’t like on the rocks, I mix two ounces of whiskey to a half ounce of Vermouth, and that is exactly what I did with this Knob Creek Small Batch.

Did it make the Knob Creek Small Batch drinkable for me? yes it did. As a Manhattan, this whiskey gained 10 points, and rose to a 69/100, which for me, is just enjoyable enough to keep sipping on. The Vermouth really turns the burnt sugar into something smoother, something that doesn’t turn my palate.


  • Turns the burnt taste of this bourbon when straight into something softer and drinkable.


  • The sugar in the Vermouth adds to the flavor, but if your watching your sugar like I am, you have to be careful not to have too many Manhattans.
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