Our childhoods affect us. It has taken my wife a long time to realize why I need to buy hats and gloves every year.

I remember wearing high heel winter boots out in the snow as a kid because my mom’s old boots were the only thing I had available to me, other than sneakers. I remember playing in the snow until my fingers were frozen so badly that my father had to hold my hands under warm water as I screamed in pain. I was lucky I didn’t lose my fingertips. As a kid we were fairly poor and we never really had the right gear to survive the winter, and yes, to this day I buy more gloves and hats every winter, and my wife donates a portion of the winter gear every year. Not because I want her to, but because she doesn’t want me to turn into a hoarder.

One of my favorite cold weather items is this Trooper Ear Flap Bomber Hat. Apparently they are sold out of the gray hats I usually buy, so now I have to go with the next best color, so I hope you enjoy the color blue.

Undead-Earth Survival Gear List 2020

DaySurvival GearCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 5Trooper Ear Flap Bomber HatSurvival Clothing$15 X 2 = $30
Total = $430
Survival Day 4Bumper DumperBasic Supplies$120 X 1 = $120
Total = $400
Survival Day 3Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade KnifeWeapons$20 X 4 = $80
Total = $280
Survival Day 2RUGCEL WINCH 4.8T Heavy Duty Recovery Winch Snatch BlocksTools$25 X 4 = $100
Total = $200
Survival Day 1Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding KnifeBasic Supplies$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $100

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