This bottle of Dogfish Head Alternate Takes scored a 41/100 as a sipping whiskey. It had sharp edges and just wasn’t smooth enough for me to consider it a sipping whiskey – but I can’t just throw a whole bottle of whiskey away right? The good news is that I’ve found making a Manhattan with whiskey’s that may not be sip worthy, actually make a very good whiskey for mixers.

Which is exactly what this Dogfish Head Alternate Takes needed. I make my Manhattan. I use the classic recipe:

The addition of the Sweet Vermouth is exactly what this Dogfish Head Alternate Takes needed to smooth out the edges. Making a mixed drink like a Manhattan from this Dogfish Bourbon gave this whisky new life, as well as 18 points, bringing it to a 69/100 as a Manhattan.


  • Takes a whiskey that is a little rough and makes a very nice Manhattan.


  • Dogfish Head Alternate Takes is an expensive bottle to make mixed drinks from.
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Manhattan - Dogfish Head Alternate Takes69$55/ 750mlManhattan
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