Fat Guy – Back Pain Sucks

I thought I was doing so well this week.

I was able to do two 60 Minute Challenges and hold a pace of nearly 3.5 miles for two days.

I thought I was going well. Then when I woke up yesterday my lower back and lower right hip were throbbing. Throbbing that migrated to the front of my thigh.

I have been very depressed today because I thought maybe I was over the worst of my back issues, but clearly if I push myself to walk too far/too fast, I am in pain for a few days after, which just sucks.

It makes me feel old and sad.

I’d convinced myself that all those doctors who told me I’d need a fusion at some point were wrong. I still hope they are, especially if I can lose more weight, but this just feels like a kick in the balls.

I’m still walking and can move, so this back pain episode is nowhere near as bad as ones that have put me on my back for a week, but its just a reminder that my back is still fragile, and that makes me feel vulnerable.

Men in our society aren’t allowed to be vulnerable.

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