2021 SURVIVAL DAY 3 (Kershaw Camp 10)

This Kershaw Camp 10 is the first thing I’m strapping to my Barbarians Tactical Vest. For me, it fits perfect across the small of my back, and I can draw it quickly with my right hand if I need it. My vehicle is also large enough that I can get in and out with it strapped to my Vest and drive without issue. Make sure you test with your build, Vest, and vehicle. If it creates an issue, you may have to go with a smaller knife or reposition it.

I like this Kershaw Camp 10 for a couple reasons. The first is that its just big enough to be used as a real weapon if I need it, but not so large that it becomes unwieldy. The second is the grip. Wet or dry, the rubberized grip on this Kershaw Camp 10 feels good in my hand and I don’t get that “slippery” palm feeling I’ve had with some other blades. The final reason is the lash points. With a bit of wire or cord I can take any length of pole and make myself a nice spear. That’s perfect for taking out Zombies from a safer distance as well as hunting or fishing if the situation warrants it.

Be prepared, make sure you build out your Barbarians Tactical Vest with the gear that will help you survive.

  • Blade steel selected for quality and durability according to use; 65Mn boasts toughness for hard use applications; measures 56 on Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC); black powdercoat makes maintenance easy.
  • Camp 10 – Tan can cut, split, slash, scrape, bushwhack and hack — anything necessary to clear a field, trail, shore, roost, fence line, thicket, garden, glade, hunting sight line, clearing or pasture.
  • Sheath made from tan nylon polymer threaded with glass for strength, stiffness and stability; sheath has safety strap to keep blade secure, dual straps for leg or military molle carry and belt strap.
  • Textured grip designed for heightened safety during rigorous use; handle has guard at top and bottom to protect thumb and fingers; other features include double lanyard holes and black hardware.
  • Blade length: 10 inches; overall length: 16 inches; weight 18.3 ounces without sheath, 24 ounces with sheath; Kershaw warranty for original owner when knife is used and maintained as intended.
DayItemCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 3Kershaw Camp 10Basic Gear$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $250
Survival Day 2Barbarians Tactical VestBasic Gear$60 X 2 = $120
Total = $150
Survival Day 1Disposable Face MasksBasic Gear$15 X 2 = $30
Total = $30

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