Right Wing Cousin

I have a right wing cousin who lives in West Virginia who loves to send me Facebook facts. You know the kind that stir up the base with facts that aren’t true? Today’s was about how the Democrats (he hates me because even though I’m a Republican, I think Trump is a wanna be dicktator) are going to destroy this county with a 70% tax rate. I tried to explain how our tax brackets work, but I think he’s had too much white lightening to grasp how our tax system really works.

Unless you make more than the top tax bracket you are never going to hit that 70% bracket. It impacts the super wealthy, and if you are like me, that might be your bosses, bosses, boss. For the bottom 99% of Americans, it just doesn’t impact our paychecks – but it does impact our healthcare, the roads we drive on, and the schools our kids to to.

Save our country, tax the rich, and rebuild our country.

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