Stillhouse Black Bourbon has the honor of being my first edition of Second Sip, where I’ll go back and take a second look, and sip, or many whiskeys. I’ve learned a lot on my Whiskey Dreams journey and I’m curious how a much broader exposure to whiskey will change how I interpret different drams.

When I first found Stillhouse Black Bourbon it was all the way back in June of 2019, and I scored it a 73/100.

So how does Stillhouse Black Bourbon hold up to my better educated bourbon taste buds?

The nose is unchanged. It is subtley sweet, and not very pronounced.

I’m not sure if its the “coffee mellowing” or the blend of whiskeys used to create this, but what I called astringency really hammers my mid tongue. The finish on the swallow has bitterness and pepper. It’s not punching me in the throat, but its not what I’d call super smooth either.

Stillhouse Black Bourbon is a great budget bourbon, and while I am updating my score to a 61, this is still a great value Bourbon, and it is still perfect for camping trips and hiking – when a glass bottle would be a bad idea. The one downside that I did notice is that if I have more than a dram or two this bourbon gives me a horrible hangover the next day – which isn’t true of a lot of other options, even at this price point, which cost it major points.

This drops Stillhouse Black Bourbon into Mixed Drinks Only territory, but I am putting as asterisk next to that. I won’t be sipping this as a straight bourbon anymore – but I will absolutely take it on outdoor trips and drink it under the stars. This is still an excellent budget offering at anywhere between $20 and $25 bucks.

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