2022 SURVIVAL DAY 1 (N95 Mask)

Welcome to 2022, and just like last year, the first item on our Basic Survival Gear is an N95 Mask.

Why? Because the a-holes at Faux News and the traitors to our constitution made a healthcare issue into a political one. Thanks Mitch McConnel and Kevin McCarthy for not only destroying the Republican Party, but also our country!

Anyway, surviving long enough to survive the Zombie Apocalypse is your goal. So get vaccinated, and wear a mask.

  • NIOSH Approved N95 Respirator.
  • 95% filtration efficiency against particulate aerosols.
  • Adjustable Nose Clip.
  • Individually Packed.

2022 Basic Survival Gear

DayItemCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 1N95 MaskBasic Supplies$33 X 3 = $100

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

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