2022 SURVIVAL DAY 9 (LifeStraw Personal Water Filter)

It’s hard to kill Zombies when you are dehydrated. Honestly, it is pretty hard to do anything when you are dehydrated.

I have taken my LifeStraw Personal Water Filters as far as India and as close as my local campground. Running out of water is not fun, and drinking dirty water is potentially dangerous. When it comes to planning to survive whatever type of Apocalypse is about to hit, having the ability to get a drink is a high priority, so make sure you plan to have at least one of these LifeStraw Personal Water Filters per person as a minimum.

Going on a long trip? Perfect time to throw a LifeStraw in your vehicle. Think about all those people stranded out in the snow on the highway. Sure they can melt snow if they make a fire, but did any of them have a pot to boil it in? Snow may look clean, but that doesn’t mean it is.

Plan on surviving, keep a LifeStraw available for when things go bad.

  • Removes bacteria and parasites.
  • Removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria.
  • Removes microplastics.
  • Provide 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of clean and safe drinking water.

2022 Basic Survival Gear

DayItemCategoryEstimated Cost
Survival Day 9LifeStraw Personal Water FilterBasic Supplies$16 X 3 = $50
Total = $750
Survival Day 8JEVSTU Torch LighterBasic Supplies$16 X 3 = $50
Total = $700
Survival Day 7Mini Sewing KitBasic Supplies$16 X 3 = $50
Total = $650
Survival Day 6Portable BidetBasic Supplies$16 X 3 = $50
Total = $600
Survival Day 5Winter Hat with BrimBasic Supplies$25 X 2 = $50
Total = $550
Survival Day 4Natural Wood Walking StickBasic Supplies$50 X 2 = $100
Total = $500
Survival Day 3Ski JacketBasic Supplies$66 X 3 = $200
Total = $400
Survival Day 2Rain Poncho JacketBasic Supplies$33 X 3 = $100
Total = $200
Survival Day 1N95 MaskBasic Supplies$33 X 3 = $100

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