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Trump – Making Sure The Top 1% Keeps Getting It All

If you make less than $250,000 a year and you voted for Trump you are about to find out the hard way that he doesn’t care about you – not even a little bit.

Huge tax cuts for the rich.

Removal of workplace regulations that kept the workers safe.

Removal of EPA regulations that made sure the corporations couldn’t pump poison into our waterways.

Don’t worry though, they won’t be doing any of that where the rich people live.

TrumpCare – Just A Tax Cut For The Rich

How good is Trump for the country now?

A healthcare plan that hurts the elderly, the poor, and the sick while helping the rich, the healthy and the insurers.

Huge tax cuts for the rich (because the top earners were paying more to cover the ACA). That is gone. Huge windfall, $200,000 A YEAR for top earners back in their pockets.

Huge cuts in coverage.

Yay all you dumb fuckers who voted for this disaster.

Trump – A Liar – A Scared Liar

This is the reason that Trump has to control what press is around. There is nothing worse to a wanna be dictator than a reporter who is uppity enough to point out your lies and stupidity.

This is the leader of the free world?

This man who can’t get simple facts straight?

This country is in so much trouble…

Jason Chaffetz – Traitor Or Just A Puppet?

Jason Chaffetz admitted the GOP cut embassy security in Libya and then blamed Hillary Clinton. With no evidence he then spent millions on chasing down a lie and found nothing.

Then, when presented with real evidence that Trump & Company are talking to the Russians and making deals when Putin was hacking the DNC he’s concentrating on the Park’s Twitter account.

Is he a traitor?

Is he working with Trump & the Russians?

I’m sure history will remember him for the disgusting human being he is once the truth comes out that he turned a blind eye to Trump’s treason and corruption.

Trump Lies – Show Your Tax Return!!!

Why won’t Trump release his taxes?

Its more than just the shame he’d feel when its a known fact that the middle class has paid all his taxes for the last year for sure.

Maybe it is the fact that we’d see how much money the Russians have given him to bail our his Russian hotels?

Maybe its just cash payments they gave him to buy him?

One thing I know is that its nothing good. Because if it wasn’t going to damn him to Hell he’d just release them…