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Trump – Helping Putin Pay Bounties On American Lives

Trump refuses to defend our troops from Putin’s cash for kills program.

Trump is anti American, Pro Russian, and its only a matter of time before we find out why.

What is my guess? My suspicion is that when we get his tax records we are going to find out Deutsche Bank funnelled him cash from Russia.

That would certainly explain why Trump can’t lift so much as a finger against Putin.

Trump – Defeated Low Energy Trump

Low Energy Trump can’t beat Biden in a fair fight so now he’s trying to declare a fraudulent election before its even started.

Trump and the Republicans have refused to fund better voting technology and tools, and now in the midst of a pandemic, he’s both claiming kids have to go back to school because its so safe, and yet its so unsafe to vote we need to postpone.

Vote out Low Energy Trump and anyone who supports him.

Trump – Lying/Trying To ReWrite History

Now that the sh*t has hit the fan Trump is trying to rewrite and lie about what has actually happened. Apparently he is now, and has always been pro mask, and its those pesky governors who are fault for Covid-19 killing Americans, even though Trump has been screaming its a hoax since day one.

Trump is responsible for thousands of dead Americans.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.