Halfway to the Grave – Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost (4 Out of 5 Graves)

So what do you get if you take a decent story, a good sprinkle of sex (disguised under the context of love of course), with a fast paced plot?

A great read.  I highly recommend the book if you like a little bit of sultry content mixed in with your vampires.  Its a bit more graphic than the True Blood Series, but in a good way if you like that sort of thing.  My suggestion would be not read it while on the bus though, you might poke someone by accident.  

Not recommended for Twilight fans.  Its a little more than you can handle.

What is the overall best melee weapon against the undead?

What is the best overall melee weapon against the undead?

  • Katana…come on, most of them are cheaply made and unless you really know what your doing, its going to be useless.  I propose the same test as I did for the claw hammer.  Go to your butcher and get a pigs skull.   See how easy it is to cut into a skull with a katana.
  • Two handed broad sword…same basic comments as the katana.  You might be slightly better off because its heavier, but unless your a master swordsmen (and how many of you are out there?) I don’t think this is the best weapon for fighting the undead.
  • Mace…I like this one.  I like blunt force trauma when it comes to undead killing.  It minimizes the chance of cutting yourself (most knife fights leave the user cut up as well, even if they opponent is un-armed) so you reduce the chance of cutting and then infecting yourself.  The real deciding facter is how heavy it is, and how long it is.  See baseball bat and sledge for more information.
  • Hammer…nope, click to see complete post on the subject.
  • Sledge…nope, click to see complete post on the subject.
  • Baseball Bat…yep, click to see complete post on the subject.  As long as your mace is light and easy to use (like a baseball bat) you’ve got my vote.
  • Chainsaw… way too heavy, way too hard to kill the undead with.  You are just as likely to cut your own leg off.  Get real.
  • Golf Club…it will work if its all you’ve got, but you better carry your golf bag.  Golf clubs are basically one hit weapons.
  • Spear…a spear would only be good if you had a lot of people with them and you could use them to hold back a horde.  But as offensive weapons their main attack is peircing, which doesn’t do much to stop the zombie about to munch on you.
  • Hatchet…I lump the hatchet in the same boat as the hammer, if slightly more effective.  You can certainly cut into someones skull with one (who doesn’t remember that accident at boy scout camp) but you have to be close up, and if you hit too hard your going to get the blade bound in the head or neck.  Not the best weapon for undead killing in my book.
  • Axe…same thought process here as for the sledge.  It might be okay if your fighting one zombie, but not if you have to do any prolonged fighting.  Just too heavy and too dangerous to anyone who might be standing next to you.

Vote on the best or post new ones and I’ll add to the list.

What is the best household melee weapon against the undead?

Assuming you have access to the normal household items, what is the best melee weapon to fight the undead?

  • Claw Hammer…it sounds like a great tool.  Easy to swing, everyone on the planet has used one.  The downside is the weight (not enough) and the claw.  Go buy a pigs head and see how many stroke it takes to crack the skull with the hammer, then dig in with the claw.  Your going to be pulled down before you take down the second zombie. 
  • Sledge Hammer…if the claw hammer is the “my porridge is too cold” side of hammers, then the sledge is the “my porridge is too hot” instance.  It will crush an undead skull to the brain stem with ease, but unless your built like Arnold Schwarzenegger this really isn’t a survival tool.  Its heavy to lug around, and is easy to lose control of.  If you think your man enough to use the sledge, take this test: 
    Line up ten watermelons at chest height.  Click the stopwatch (and please videotape and send this in) and go down the row.  If you can crush all the watermelons in under a minute with solid blows I will send you an Undead-Earth Machete.  (You must supply unedited video evidence.)
  • Baseball Bat…now we’re talking.  They are light, durable, and have good reach.  They are great blunt force trauma weapons and you can easily carry a backup without a weight penalty. My porridge is just right.

Post your comments and I’ll add to the list with anything good.

Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks

The Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks (1 out of 5 Graves)

My opinion, he worried too much about the mechanics of what makes a zombie. He should have stuck to the survival and scenerios of how to get by.  It felt like he padded the book with lots of fake science.  Parts of it were really good, but I think it could have been cut in half, or even a third, and just been an awesome field guide. 

Did you love it? – Or Hate it?

November 8, 2010

Waiting to get the Undead-Earth Machete proof. Will post an image once I have it. Should look cool. Enter the art contest if you want a chance to win it.

Loved last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead”. Do you think we see Merle who they left locked up on the roof again? And not just in flashbacks from his brother? I noticed the guy wearing the brooklyn tee put a chain and locked it (they also show you a preview of the hands coming through the door later) so I think he comes back a little bit later – and most likely a lot angrier.

Is Glenn running for it when we see him on the highway, speeding away? I kept waiting for a zombie to step into the road and for the car to crash.

November 6, 2010 Part II

On my way out to the post office to send out reviewer copies.

Just got back. My wife found a typo in Getting Out of Jersey so she gets her name in the back of the book as a thank you. If you find any typos let me know and you will get a thank you in the back of the book.

Art Contest!!! Art Contest !!! Please send me some decent images, photos, drawings for the Art Contest. The winner will get copies of both books, and a Certified Zombie Killing Machete with the Undead-Earth logo on the blade.

Check out the Living Dead Media site. They are the home of for in depth zombie knowledge and goods.