November 6, 2010 Part II

On my way out to the post office to send out reviewer copies.

Just got back. My wife found a typo in Getting Out of Jersey so she gets her name in the back of the book as a thank you. If you find any typos let me know and you will get a thank you in the back of the book.

Art Contest!!! Art Contest !!! Please send me some decent images, photos, drawings for the Art Contest. The winner will get copies of both books, and a Certified Zombie Killing Machete with the Undead-Earth logo on the blade.

Check out the Living Dead Media site. They are the home of for in depth zombie knowledge and goods.

November 6, 2010

Okay, just watched Episode 1 of “The Walking Dead” again.

He was definetly shot in the upper shoulder in the car scene.

Other observations. His buddy brings him flowers, and they are dried out when he wakes up, so the badness had to take over in a short period of time. Say a week to ten days tops? So going back to their conversation in the patrol car before the shoot-out, his buddy was telling him a story aboug his girlfriend, and was then really intent on knowing how things were going with him.

Later, you see his buddy kiss his wife. So she was cheating on him with his buddy the whole time. At least that’s what I walked away with. Hope his buddy gets eaten really slowly.

November 5, 2010

Just spent the last three hours working through site design and updating the web server to get actual blogging going.

Now everyone who was yelling at me in caps that email and html pages isn’t really a blog can relax and get off my back. 🙂

Going to go do some actual work on the second book now.

November 4, 2010

Working hard on getting Delaware Sucks through editing so it will be out by Christmas. Hardest part is just finding a few hours around regular life to actually work on it.

Will post a picture of the “Undead-Earth” Prize Machete soon. Hopefully it will go to a good home for however wins the art contest vs. the runner up if I have to use house art. Please submit something at least undead related if you want a decent shot at winning the cover art contest.

Looking forward to Sunday and the next episode of “The Walking Dead”.

Bob R sent me an interesting follow up to his email yesterday. He liked “Getting Out of Jersey” and the grittier content but ripped the Twilight books to shreds. Apparently his wife made him read the first two books before he refused to read any more. I totally get that Bella comes off as immature and annoying, but at the same time I really liked the books. Nothing like what I write, but I enjoyed reading the Twilight series.

Do you think Edward drinking animal blood would be weaker than a vampire drinking human blood? Call me a tradionalist, but I firmly believe that the Cullen’s wouldn’t stand a chance against the human feeding vampires in the series. Human blood just has a bit more to it than a bear or a cougar…

November 3, 2010

Bob R. sent me a note saying he thinks the tank wasn’t actually an M1A1 but an Israeli Sabra tank but I don’t have any way to confirm or deny it. If anyone out there ever served in Israel in a tank division give a holler. And I know I was picking on minor details yesterday. Sorry if that ticked some people off. I really liked the show and curious if anyone else picked up on the same things. Still way better than the zombie fish in “Undead”. Wish there were going to be more than six episodes in the first season.

Sarah G. thank you so much for you cover art submission. I would however recommend at least some familiarity with the material. There are no flying winged undead zombies in Getting Out of Jersey or the next book in the series. They were nice drawings, but I really can’t use them.

November 2, 2010

Loved “The Walking Dead” first episode. Can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out. Couple questions – did anyone else notice where he was shot? I could have sworn it was left rear shoulder, but when his bandage was changed it was lower left side. Also, I know the old Sherman tanks had a belly hatch, but an M1A1 Abrams would not. I guess its TV Magic.

Writing – got one more art contest entry today but haven’t gotten a chance to look at the images yet. Will do it tomorrow for sure.

Todd G. – “Ender’s Game” is one of my favorite books as well. The first book in the series was definitely the best. I liked the “Speaker for the Dead” and “Xenocide” but mainly because I wanted to see what happened to Ender. Fell in love with the character, so even if the story wasn’t as good I just had to keep reading. I hope that’s an odd sort of compliment to Orson Scott Card’s writing.

Check out the Forked Tongue Horror Blog.
Like this blog its relatively new, but has some cool stuff already. I really liked the Drawings by Dan Moran, so go check them out
Last minute update – looks like planned changes to the site happened quicker than I thought. Nothing huge, but the new format will support ads better than the old design. Sorry to put ads up, but it helps offsite the IT costs.

November 1, 2010

We successfully completed our Halloween adventure last night. It was scary to see how many houses in the neighborhood were empty and how many people didn’t have any lights on or candy for the kids. Hopefully things were start to turn around and next year will be better for everyone.

Up to pg 72 out of 200 on edits. Delaware Sucks is about 100k words long, so I am still short of halfway done. Hopefully I’ll still make my Dec publishing date. Still not sure about the title. Please let me know if you have any good ideas. So far I only have one decent entry for the Art Contest, but it’s really not up to production quality. If I don’t get anything usable I’ll go with art and send the best of the submissions the machete with the logo on it as a thank you present.

Very excited that “The Walking Dead” episode 1 is downloading on Itunes right now. Going to watch it with my older son tonight.

October 31, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween. Seems like we never have enough candy for the swarm of kids.

I’ve finished the second book, Delaware Sucks, and am working to get it through final edits. I’m always surprised how much work it is to get decent writing out. Part of my problem is that every time I fix something I see something else I would like to tighten up. If it weren’t for dates and deadlines I don’t think I would ever consider anything finished.

October 30, 2010

So I thought I would just start to post feedback and replies versus trying to reply to emails since a good bit of them have similar comments or might be interesting. Please keep the comments coming, the feedback on specific bits of the storyline (and not to mention typos) is very helpful. I will put a thank you and your name in the next revision for any changes I make based on your input.

Changes to the site: Thank you to Mike C. for pointing out that he didn’t think the top ten survival tips should be on the main page. I had to agree with him that it might give the new visitor the impression this is just a hack and slash zombie book.

Thank you to Jay for suggesting the 2005 Australian “Undead” movie. The zombie fish were awesome. I watched it with my sixteen year old and it had us both laughing uncontrollably. My son made a strange whoot noise when the acid started to eat off the main female characters clothes, but he assured me it was just a pretzel bite lodged in his airway.