Shooting Gas Cans, Part 2

Now, if your lucky enough to have a flare gun, you might have a chance.

They aren’t going to pierce a car gas tank, but if there are fumes or gas already flowing, you can definetly get it lit with a flare gun.

Please note, the flare has a nice arc, so you might want to practice this before you need to do it. (Please practice safely on property you own under conditions that won’t start a fire.  Don’t do anything illegal!)

You can see the first shot misses, but you can see shot two at 1:06 minutes and you will see it burn baby…

Shooting Gas Cans, The Reality

You’re stuck on the outskirts of town.  You were siphoning gas into five gallon jugs when the horde stirrs. Your flee into a nearby building, hoping they will quiet down and wander off. But they don’t.

You think you can make a run to your truck. You only got half the gas you came for, but if you can take a few of them out and create a distraction, you can probably make it to your ride.

Can you shoot the gas jugs left out in the open to try and take out part of the horde milling about your half filled jugs across the street?

Movies and TV would make it seem simple, just pop a few rounds into the jugs and the gas will go up in a fireball.

Reality = Not a chance. You need a source of ignition. Unless you have tracer rounds and get lucky, its not going to happen.

Reality with some help = if you can get an open flame or ignition source by the jugs, your good to go.

So good luck, hopefully you can get the cans lit and survive.

Be Prepared

I wish I could have been involved with this, not because I think I would have done massively better, but because I’d really like to know exactly how I would have behaved.

What an awesome scenario, and while I get what the goal of the experiment was supposed to be, I take a slightly different view of it. It is all about training and preparedness.  If you don’t practice, you’re going to be dead when the shit hits the fan. Have your shit together before it starts, and you stand a much better chance at surviving.

Red And The Gray – Episode 2

Room 283E

My head hurt and I had to pee. That was the first  thing I felt when I woke up. I opened my eyes to slits, not sure where I was.  Something partially obscured my vision, turning the dim light coming from above  me into a hazy brightness.

That’s when it hit me. I was so comfortable. I was  on a mattress and had clean sheets pulled up to my chest. I could tell they  were clean, they smelled like detergent. I tried to put my hand to my face to  push whatever was partially over my eyes out of the way, but I only got it to  my mid section before it stopped short with a metallic sound.

My other hand shot to my wrist, feeling the band of  steel and tracing it back to the other cuff locked to the bed rail. I turned my  wrist around, trying to feel if I could slip out of the cuff, but even my  smaller than average wrist wasn’t going to slip through.

“Yeah, I hope it isn’t too tight,” a female voice  said, making me jump. I’d thought I was alone. I bolted upright, but the sudden  movement sent a stabbing pain down the back of my skull and my side felt like I  might have a few cracked ribs. I settled back into the mattress.

I shivered when a hand touched my forehead, easing  the gauze slipping down over my eyes away. “I have to pee,” I croaked, my voice  dry and hoarse.

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Battlefield 3 = Crapp (And That’s Being Kind)

After a long wait BF3 is finally here.

I struggled through downloading the Beta via the Origin client, which should have foretold what was too come. The Origin client is no Steam, and it is reason alone not to buy games that are only available on the Origin engine.

But, if the game had rocked, that would have made up for it.  Again, the Beta should have prepped me for what was to come. A game that would barely load on a monster machine with a good graphics card, 64bit windows premium, and tons of Ram, and it is housed in a browser window.  I don’t know why, but it just feels like crap.

I’m sure it allows them to reduce piracy somehow, but if it makes the game unplayable, who cares if anyone steals it? Your not going to be making any money.  I’m thinking about calling and trying to get my money back.

What a piece of crap.  And that’s being kind…

The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 2

Episode  2, Bloodletting


The episode starts with a flashback of Lori having to tell Carl that his father was shot, and then jumps to the present, with Rick running his wounded son to try and get help while the rest of the crew searches for Sophia who is still lost in the woods.

The episode ends with Shane stuck at the medical depot behind a metal gate flooded with walkers while Carl lies dying back at the farmhouse. Damn it, its like they make cliff hangers at the end of every episode so I come back next week…


Things I loved about this episode…

  • I hate Shane but there is an intense brotherhood between the two of them.
  • Oh no, is T-Dog infected with something bad? Or something really bad? Daryl did throw a body on top of him to hide him. The bloody car seat when T-Dog is looking for meds is a nice touch.
  • Shane actually redeems himself a bit when he goes to get the medical supplies to help save Carl.
  • The suspense as T-Dog loses it. Is he fever dream crazy or is he turning?
  • Horseback riding walker killing.  Looks like fun.
  • The old dude comparing HIV to the Undead Apocalypse.
  • The shock and pain on Lori’s face when she see’s Carl. I hate seeing kids hurt (even on TV) but the scene gripped my gut hard.  I know what its like to see your kid on a hospital bed.  The pain felt real.
  • “What kind of doctor are you?” – “A vet” – “Oh good, a combat medic?” – “Hmm, no, a vetrinarian.”
  • The medical center.
  • T-Dog has turned, I know it.  He’s hunched over at the back of the RV. Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him now.
  • “Merl” got the clap on occasion.
  • The walkers at the medical site.  The fat guy should have been wearing a red shirt.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Seeing wounded kids just freaks me out.
  • If I was Rick, I would have been screaming before I got to the house. I’d be afraid one of them would have shot me. It almost looked like he was eating the kid when he was running with him.
  • How the hell did the Dr. know there were six fragments?  Does he have X-ray vision?
  • Oh god, when they are operating on Carl it was hard to watch. I thought that was  a little much.
  • The doctors house seems real exposed. They haven’t boarded up windows or put up a fence around the house.  It just seems too “normal”.
  • What makes Shaen think that inside the building is any safer than the outside?


Red And The Gray – Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of the Undead-Earth West Coast series.  Enjoy…

I haven’t had a real shower in three months.

Taking a shower means going to the shelter, which isn’t safe. They want your name, and they think they’re helping you when they call social services. Or worse, you might just get to take the shower so you’re clean for whatever comes after.

No thanks.

I’ll take my chances on the streets. I’ve been living on them for two years and doing better than the twelve months I spent under the guardianship of the State of California. Even with the craziness going on, I know how to take care of myself.
I keep off the streets at night. And I don’t bring anyone back to my place. No one knows where I sleep, so no one can slip into my bed at night, or beat someone else into telling them where I am. Looking like I’m twelve might help me make a few bucks during the day when I’m begging from tourists, but it also makes me a target for bad things.

I called it sanctuary, which is corny, but it made me feel better that no one knew where I holed up. I didn’t have electricity or water in sanctuary, but I saw what they wrote in the papers and watched the news from behind plate glass windows along the strip.

They were calling it “The Summer of Death.”

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