The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 5

Episode  5, Chupacabra


The episode starts with a flashback to the early days of the infection. Shane and Lori and some of the others are there as the military tries to contain the infection, firebombing the city on the horizon.

The flash back to the future was a bit of a switch.  I wasn’t actually sure if it was the past or current time. I guess it was the way the director wanted it.

Shane and Rick get into a fight over whether they should still be looking for Sophia and Daryl find himself in some real trouble.

Shane thinks that in hard times you have to be hard, which I do understand on one level, but how far do you take it?  If all you do is take care of yourself your tight little group of survivors will turn on itself.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The military using napalm on the city. It is what would really happen.
  • Maggie’s ass in jeans in the opening scenes and her condom math. “We still have eleven condoms left.” – “I don’t know if I can afford to lose eleven minutes of my life.” Slap!!!
  • The only arrow I’ve got is sticking in my back.  Hope I don’t run across anything too nasty. Such a creepy thought.
  • The fact that I will be pissed if Daryl bites it. I hated him in Season 1, but now he is my favorite character.
  • Ghost Yoda Merl coming back to kick his brother in the ass. Well, I liked seeing him, but his message sucked, then Merl turned into a Walker trying to eat Daryl’s foot through his boot.
  • Yep, I knew it was coming, have to pull that bolt free and use it.
  • So the big question is, will Daryl now be gunning for Rick after hearing Merle’s message.
  • Yum, I love raw squirrel.
  • Merle – “Don’t feed the birds.”  But is it another walker?
  • Glen talking about cycles lining up. He’s such a noob. I love how good old Uncle Dale talks to him.
  • It’s a walker.  Oh wait, its just Daryl.  I think.  DON’T SHOOT HIM Andrea!!! What a dumb b*tch.  That better not be the end. Oh, thank God he’s just grazed.
  • Glen – “What the hell happened? He’s wearing ears.”
  • Dale – “Don’t be so hard on yourself, we’ve all wanted to shoot Daryl.”
  • Maggie – “Tonight – Where?” (And her dad see’s Glen pass the note, priceless.)
  • I really liked when Carol told Daryl he’s a good person.
  • Holy crap, do they have Sophia in the hay loft? Something is definetly up in the hayloft.  Oh crap, its a zombie hotel.  But why? And how would everyone else not smell that or notice the fingers trying to push open the doors?  Plus, those doors look mighty wobly. Oh, and guess what, next episode they get out.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Once again, no one goes out on their own in the Apocalypse. Daryl, your a tough motherf*cker, but you don’t go out on your own.
  • Lori is pregnant.  It better be Rick’s.
  • Is it really wise to put infected undead parts on a necklace around your face?
  • Why does the old man at the house want them gone so bad? You’d think that having more people to secure the property and help scavenge would be a good thing.


Snare Traps

How do you make a Zombie Christmas Tree?

It is very easy.  You get yourself a spool of eighth inch steel cable and a box of steel clips. Make yourself a small loop, “tie” it off with a clip and then slide a section of cable through it until you have yourself a nice sized loop.

Hang twenty or thirty of these from a tree and wait for the undead to wander by.  As they get snagged and pull the cable tight, you will find yourself with a tree full of undead.  Just in time for the holidays.

Cute Girl

She looks sweet enough right?

Jasha hear likes long walks on the beach, classic rock, and getting naked and climbing into horse carcasses.  The best part of the whole story for me was that when they investigated it (someone saw the pictures online and called the police) they found that no wrong doing was done, and Jasha can’t figure out why everyone is in such an uproar.

Hmm…I wonder why.

The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 4

Episode  4, Cherokee Rose


At the end of the last episode we see Shane start to unravel after popping a fellow survivor in the leg to create meat for the undead to eat while he fled.  But Carl got the medical supplies he needed and hopefully his surgery was a success.

At the beginning of this episode Carl is looking better and the rest of the party has arrived at the farm.  Carl’s first concern when waking up is whether Sophia is okay.  The sweetness and innocence of children. Shane is having flash backs of Ottis as the family is having a service for him.

Lori asks Glen to get her a “special” supply while he is scavenging.  And apparently Glen doesn’t know what a pregnancy test is.

Glen gets lucky but maybe gets his heart broken in the process and Sophia is still missing.

The episode ends with a positive test and leaves us hanging. The damn baby better not be Shanes’.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • I was wrong. T-Dog doesn’t appear to be turning.  He just had an infection.
  • Andrea and Dale seem to smell the bullshit as Shane gives his version of how Ottis died.
  • Glen looking so unsure around Maggie.  She’s cute and he’s apparently not so confidant around the ladies. Glen watching Maggie on the horse.
  • Zombies in the well.  Sweet looking bloated zombie.  So did Maggie know there was a zombie in the well or is this news to everyone?
  • My stomach was in my throat the whole time Daryl is clearing the old house in the woods. He found signs of someone eating and sleeping there, but no Sophia – yet.
  • After all the work to get the zombie up and out of the well, half of it breaks apart and gushed in anyway.  T-Dog…”Good thing we didn’t do anything stupid like shoot it.”
  • Shane confessing, or trying to, to Andrea about killing Ottis.
  • Maggie catching Glen with Condoms and then making him stutter. That was awesome. Maggie – “I’ll have sex with you.”  Glen – “Why?”  LMAO
  • Maggie is hot.  Wish this were HBO.  Glen doesn’t know what to say when she takes her shirt off.
  • Glen can’t stop giggling like a girl after doing it with Maggie.  But she breaks his heart by telling him it was a one time thing.
  • Is Lorie pregnant, and if so, it would be Rick’s right?
  • Daryl talking about the Cherokee Rose and Sophia. He’s starting to grow on me more and more. I would definetly rather have him at my back than Shane. (No brainer right.)
  • Rick giving his hat to Carl.  It was a very touching scene.
  • We got to hear Lori pee.  How often do you hear a girl pee on network TV?  Yah!!!
  • Oh crap, its positive.  Is it Rick’s? Or Shane’s?

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Rick is so thankful to Shane for the part he played in saving Carl.  He still doesn’t know that Shane was stuping (st 00 ping) his wife.
  • Come on, you’re not going to hand over your guns because the old man doesn’t want his farm being an “armed camp”.  No way.
  • Lori telling Shane she wants him to stay.
  • We have to kill the zombie in the well, but we can’t shoot it because it might contaminate the water. Hmm, I’m not drinking from the well no matter what.  And how the hell did a zombie get that close to the farm?
  • Why wouldn’t they just try to loops a rope around the thing and pull it up? And how frinking heavy is Glen? All of them can’t pull him up.
  • Security, security, security. You never seperate when you’re scavenging. And I think doing it on the floor, while I am glad for Glen, is just asking to be eaten, and not in a good way.

I like the production crew in the back on the pickup. 🙂

Awesome Bar Table

Being a Zombiephile is not always easy. People look at your like something’s wrong with you. Its’ really not fair – it’s not like I’m a Republican or a serial killer after all.  But once people know, they never quite look at you the same.

How do you hide it, but still prepare for the undead rising? You get yourself a set of these tables. You can have offensive and defensive weapons close at hand, and you prissy friends will never know.

You can thank me later.