Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 8

Episode  8 – Visionary


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2. They are well worth watching again.

Visionary kicks off with a flashback of how the Hale clan was hunted by the Argents. This leads to a discussion by Peter about how Derek was very much like Scott in the beginning. But a pesky girl made him change. This in turn leads to another flashback of a young Derek playing basketball against a outgunned cellist.  Of young Paige and young Dererk are falling for each other.

The story Peter Hale is telling morphs into the story that old man Argent is telling, and we find out that Deucalion and his crew have a long history in the area and that Talia Hale, who is? (Derek’s Mom?) is a respected part of the wolf structure.

The wolf killed in the very beginning by the Argent’s plays a huge role as the story unfolds. Young Peter plants the thought in Derek’s head that he can be with Paige forever if he turns her. Peter’s an ass.  He then tells everyone in the current timeline that it was Derek’s idea to turn Paige, and that he urged Derek not to do it. What a lying bastard.

The old man Argent spills the back story of the werewolves, which revolved around Zeus and the greek druids. Specific druids are apparently “emissaries” who advice the packs. Doc Deaton is of course an emissary. So is the school guidance counselor.

Old man Argent then tell his side of the story about how Deucalion came to their meeting to talk about peace but ambushed the humans, which of course was a lie. We then see how Deucalion lost his eyes. Old man Argent is a real mean son of a bee otch.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Young Derek playing the triangle when Paige challenges him to play any instrument in the music room.  Well played Derek.
  • The banter between Paige and young Derek when they are in the distillery. It was very sweet when Paige was talking about why and how long Derek would be involved with her.
  • I really liked how old man Argent and and Peter Hale both tell the story as if they are the “good” gut when it was all going down. Very well done.
  • Scott is awesome. When he calls old man Argent on lying, and tells him if his lies get anyone killed, he’ll be back, to take more than his pain. You go Scott.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • OMG, the metronome was so damned annoying.
  • The old man Argent planting evil thoughts in Scott’s head about Doc Deaton.
  • Mmmmm, young Derek and Paige are a little young to be so passionate don’t you think?
  • Peter is stuck a prick, telling everyone else that the idea to turn Paige was Derek’s idea, not his.
  • OMG, I hated seeing Paige turn and run. It was so sad. I hated to see young Paige and Derek in so much pain.
  • Dammit, Paige knew that Derek was something more than human and loved him anyway. He listened to Peter and she died for no reason. How can he stand Peter? I would have torn his throat out.

Defiance Season 1- Episode 10

Episode  10 – The Bride Wore Black


The people of Defiance have survived the plague. Episode ten starts off with Alak and his friends having a re marriage ceremony that apparently involves the husband to be sleeping with his “bride” who is not really his bride to be. When Alak hesitates his buddies call him on it and a fist fight breaks out.  This is when a wall gets busted open and they find some bodies. I think someones been reading my diary! Same thing happened at my bachelor party.

Out on the street the next morning Tommie is desperately trying to get Irisa to go on a date with him. Brave soul.

Once Nolan looks over the body Tommie tells us some back story about who the body is. He was the bar owner, and Kenya’s husband. When Nolan asks if about their relationship she tells him she misses her lost husband a lot, but the flashback in her head looks a little less rosie. She totally killed him. Then again, maybe big sister Amanda did it for her?  Or maybe they both did it.

As Tommie and Irisa are looking at the crime seen they somehow find a clue that lead him to another man, much more recently murdered. They get Nolan and as they examine the body Nolan thinks it looks like a Castithan hit because of the cut throat.

Meanwhile Datak and Rafe are having an argument about the Castithan headgear and Rafe drops the bomb that when he dies the mines will be put in a trust for the peoples the land originally belonged to. Datak goes off the hook, telling his wife and son the wedding is off, totally showing his hand.

Just as Datak is leaving his meeting with Rafe Nolan arrests him. Apparently they found several bits of evidence that mysteriously ended up in Datak’s possession. This spurs a flashback to a fight between Bell (the dead man in the wall) and Datak. Only Rafe stepping in with a shotgun saves Datak’s arse.

In a strange twist, the old mayor and Doc Yewll ended up killing Bell because he found out that the ex mayor is actually an Indogene in a human suite.  It turns out that the old mayor also killed the current bar tender to hide her secret. Surprisingly Doc Yewll has a moment of conscious and paralyzes the old mayor before injecting her with a lethal dose of something. She actually wants to stop the old mayor from getting a hold of whatever weapon she been trying to get out of the mines.

Doc Yewll puts the old mayors body in a car and runs a hose from the exhaust to the inside of the car, leaving behind a suicide note.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Alak standing up for Christie and not sleeping with his gift “bride” at his bachelor party.
  • Tony Curran plays Datak Tarr so well.
  •  Rafe McCawley telling Alak that if he loves his daughter and wants to marry her, that is all that matters. He finally realizes that regardless of what game Datak is playing, Alak does love his daughter.
  • Datak brought a knife to a gun fight. When Rafe tells Datek that their kids are still getting married Datak pulls his energy knife. Rafe calmly pulls open his jacket and shows his gun.
  • Irisa showing Tommie her leg when he says “No knives?” when she comes into the wedding and sits down next to him. Of course she has a knife strapped to her leg. And even better, she grabs his hand.
  • Nolan talking to Tommie at the end of the episode and telling him “People are a mystery, sometimes even to themselves, and they all have secrets. The only rule I know is that when you think you have them figured out, they change. We all do.”
  • Irisa is still the hottest girl on TV.2013_Defance_S1_Irisa_hot_2

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Tommie getting upset when he thinks that Nolan is going to bury the old murder of Kenya’s husband. You think the kid would get it by now. Disappointing.