Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger (4 Out of 5 Graves)

We’ve been waiting all summer for Captain America to come out.  We bought our tickets last night for the first matinee today and rushed to get there in time to get a good seat.

Of course traffic screwed us and we had to sit on the far left side of the theatre, something I hate. But it didn’t ruin the movie for me the way it normally would have. The movie started and I was sucked in from the beginning.

Whoever played the young Steve Rogers pulled you in, making you believe everything he was saying and feeling.  That continued right along as Chris Evans appeared, starting a long string of non-stop action. The shout out to the Raiders of the Lost Ark by Johann Schmidt, aka Hugo Weaving was great.

The movie earned a four rating right up until the end.  Throughout the storyline you see Steve Rogers (Captain America) fumble as an earnest but inept geek with the girls, and how Peggy can see past that, even before he was all buff.  It’s what every nerd and fanboy hopes for – a woman who can see past the shell for what they really are.  It strikes a chord, which is then snipped mercilessly.

I have to say this was the worst movie ending ever.  I’ve seen bad movies that just sucked throughout, but rarely do I watch a good movie to feel betrayed in the last three minutes.

After building up the emotional investment between Steve Rogers and Peggy the director just throws it all away so he can bring Captain America into the current Tony Stark timeline for the Avengers.  What a waste.

I’m giving it a four only because a two wouldn’t really do it justice, but I thought about doing it because of the ending.

Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7 – Night School


Finally the wait is over.  Episode six left us hanging, but now we know what happens.

Carnage in the high school. The alpha is hunting Scott and Stiles after downing Derek, and someone lures Allison to the school with a text that Scott didn’t send.  The tension builds between Scott and Allison.  She knows he’s holding something back, but doesn’t know what.  Scott throws Derek under the bus, telling his little group of survivors that it’s Derek who is terrorizing them.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The alpha coming across the rooftop and through the window.
  • Stiles regretting taunting the “captured” werewolf.
  • The werewolf at the end of the corridor when Allison is walking into the school.
  • Making self igniting Molotov cocktails – reminds me of my highschool.
  • The please don’t leave us kiss.
  • How Allison’s voice brings him back to himself.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • The freaking jock with the porsche.  Just because I’m jealous.
  • When Allison is nice to the jock right before going into the school.  He’s not good enough for you!!!
  • The alpha can tear through cielings and jump across buildings, but can’t catch a few teens in a hallway?
  • Allison starting to fall for Jackson.
  • A chair? Really?
  • Couldn’t Scott just wolf out a little and opened the deadbolt.
  • Where is Scott’s speed when he’s looking for the key?
  • Allison telling Scott not to call.

Best Quote of Episode 7:

“The alpha doesn’t want to kill us?”   – Stiles asks, looking for clarification.

“It wants me to do it.” – Scott

Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6 – Heart Monitor


Derek is trying to teach Scott how to survive as a werewolf, angry that the noob has too many distractions and ties to the hunters. Scott struggles with his wolfitude until Stiles makes him realize that Allison doesn’t make him weak, she keeps him human.  Derek thinks he’s uncovered who the alpha is, but everything goes sideways and he ends up spitting blood and Scott and Stiles make a run for the school to hide out, leaving us screwed until next week.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Derek hunting Scott in the parking garage.
  • Allison telling Scott to take off her clothes and then trying to hide her nips from Aunt Kate because he already got her bra off before they got interupted.
  • Derek scaring the piss out of Scott in his room.
  • Stiles nailing Scott with lacrosse balls to help teach him control.  “Uh uh uh, don’t get angry.”
  • Allison calming Scott down by holding his hand under the table.  She keeps him human.
  • Derek ready to do whatever needs to be done to see if the vet is the alpha.  For the record, I think the alpha is the creepy teacher who went off on Scott’s mom about him needing a male figure in his life.  The vet is just the alpha’s boy toy.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Aunt Kate is a hunter, she can’t tell there’s a sweaty boy hiding in the closet.
  • The alpha is just a bit too willing to stand in the street in front of the house of a group of hunters who are intent on taking down his kind.
  • Stiles doesn’t seem the least bit scared when Scott starts to lose it and change.
  • Coach Finstock going off – it took me back to high school.

Best Quote of Episode 6:

Scott – “Does that mean you don’t hate me now?”

Stiles – “No, but your crap has infiltrated my life, so now I have to do something about it. Plus, I’m defiently a better Yoda than Derek.”

Scott – “Yeah, okay, you teach me.”

Stiles – “Yeah, I’ll be your Yoda.

Scott – “Yeah, you be my Yoda.”

Stiles – “Your Yoda I will be…I said it backwards.”

Scott – “Yeah, I know.”

Scott – “Yeah, I definetly still hate you.”


Teen Wolf Seasan 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5 – The Tell


The poor BlockBleester guy get’s offed by the alpha and Jackson get’s marked somehow. Scott and Allison ditch to celibrate her birthday but get nailed in the end.  And Lydia is freaking out after she caught a glimpse of the alpha at the BlockBleester store. We find out a bit more about each of the students during parent teacher night and then Allison’s dad puts a cap in the ass of a rampaging mountain lion, so everything good, they got the animal that’s been killing people. Right?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Jackson losing the battle to pick the movie. It’s time to watch “The Notebook” again.
  • Jackson with his back to a movie stand full of DVD’s of “Let the Right One In
  • Aunt Kate being sweet with Allison (giving her the necklace).
  • Scott getting why Allison is a year behind. It is those moments in life that make everything real.
  • Stiles and his highlighter in chemistry class.
  • Stiles asking the dude in chemistry if he finds him attractive.
  • Lydia’s mom letting a teen boy into her daughter’s room when she’s drugged out of her mind and wearing skimpy PJs.
  • The look on Stiles face when Lydia grabs his thigh.  I think he came.
  • Kate being a badass at Derek’s house.
  • Derek with his shirt off.  My god, look at those shoulders.
  • The creepy vet when Sheriff Stilinsky shoes him the images. (My buddy is convinced the vet is the alpha, but I just think he’s the alpha’s bitch.)
  • Allison telling Scott that she wished her parents weren’t coming home so she could spend the rest of the day night with him.
  • Lydia changing from a wreck to a hottie in the mirror.
  • Coach Finstock making fun of Stiles’ real name and then stepping in it.
  • Stiles dad when Coach Finstock tells Sheriff Stilinsky that his son detailed the circumsicion process – and then finds out it was an economics class.
  • Scott and Allison getting nailed for skipping school.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • A video store? What the hell are those?
  • Lydia’s mom letting a teen boy into her daughter’s room when she’s drugged out of her mind and wearing skimpy PJs. (Yes, its on both lists, deal with it.)
  • Poor Stiles getting called Jackson while Lydia’s loaded.
  • Sheriff Stilinsky is just way to calm as he’s looking at the pics of the thing transitioning to a standing position.


Favorite Quote from Episode 5:

Sheriff Stilinsky in response to Stiles telling him he shouldn’t have any fries, especially curly fires.  Sheriff Stilinsky – “I’m carrying a lethal weapon, if I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries.”

I think its true, you can have all the curly fries if you have a gun.


Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4 – Magic Bullet

The episode starts with Derek chasing the Alpha and getting shot in the arm, but the best part is that the shooter is Kate Argent, otherwise known as JILL WAGNER from Wipeout.  She’s hot and shows some real attitude as Allison’s werewolf hunting Aunt.

Episode four pulls you in multiple directions, building on several subplots and keeing you glued to the tube the whole time.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Jill Wagner is Kate Argent
  • Allison doesn’t waste any time when its time to study.  You go girl.
  • Stiles threatening to “drag your little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave you for dead.”  Stiles doesn’t always think things through.  Gotta love Stiles.
  • Uncomfortable dinners with your girlfriend’s family.
  • Derek puking blood.
  • Scott wolfing out just a bit to make his fingernails longer.
  • Stiles hurting his hand when he punches Derek.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Scott just leaving Derek hanging as the dude is dying. Come on, have some respect. Find the damn bullet and stop eating dinner with your girlfriend’s family.
  • The awesomely bad green screen road behind Stiles as he is driving.
  • I have the same saw they were going to cut Derek’s arm off with.  Except mine isn’t spray painted silver and says “Black & Decker” on it.


Favorite Quote from Episode 4:

Allison –  “I’ll prove you wrong, it wasn’t Scott going through your bag.  It was me.” And she holds up a condom. I love the look on Kate Argent’s face and the dads, and the smirk on Scott’s face as he rides away is priceless.