Insect Protection Net

I live between a river and a swampy bay. At night in the summer you can watch the insects swarm and cover street lights. Trying to camp or even just chill outside is really tough and I hate to cover myself in insect repellant just to have a drink while enjoying the cooler night air, which makes this Insect Protection Net a must have for camping, hiking, or just to enjoy some time outside.

When it comes to warm weather survival, this Insect Net is a must have. They are perfect for camping and hiking and will let you sleep in peace while still enjoying whatever breeze there is. All while protecting you from bug bites, itching, and a ton of insect born parasites and diseases.

Depending on where you are travelling, this Insect Net may be one of the most important bits of survival gear you can have. You will know that is true when you wake up in the morning and it is covered in mosquitoes.

Most people have no idea how much is spent by their local and state governments to keep insects at bay. Florida alone spends over $160 MILLION a year to kill biting insects. If a natural disaster or the Zombie Apocalypse stalls that effort for even one season, the bugs will be so thick that they will turn the noon day sun into an overcast day.

Insect Protection Net Scoring

I have one Insect Protection Net for each bedroom at my bolt hole and a few more to bunk outside to enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like falling asleep watching the stars and listening to nature. Once things start to fall apart, these Insect Protection Nets will be critical survival gear. Once the power goes out, trust me when I say you will want to be sleeping outside and away from the trapped heat inside your home.

Still, this bit of gear is most useful during warm months, and it depends on where you live and where your bolt hole is, so this Protection Net scores a 455/1000.

  • Genuine U.S. G.I. field insect protection net.
  • Nylon ribbons at the sides and corners for tying it down.
  • Measures 68″ x 200″.

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