Resident Evil: Season 1, Episode 8

Resident Evil Revelations opens with Jade discussing how they might implement their own version of mind control. We then see a huge crocodile that appears to be under the survivors control.

Resident Evil Revelations
Resident Evil

We then jump back to the older timeline as Evelyn sells Bert on a new project.

What’s the project?

At the same time Jade is trying to convince Billie that they make a run for it. Jade distracts their guard by talking about their dog as Billie seems to struggle with staying in control. They flee but Billie is caught. We then come back to the current timeline. The horde that Jade called down is ravaging the camp.

Jade uses the chaos to escape while her friends on the boat sail away. This leads to one of the best action sequences in the show as Billie calls up the gun drones and they go to town on the horde.

Jade just barely makes it to the ship. Once on board she convinces the captain to “push the button” to release their crocodile secret weapon they’ve been keeping hidden.

Because things were getting good, the writers of course picked this moment to jump back to the past timeline. So annoying. It really destroys the viewers ability to enjoy the show.

When we do cut back to the current time we see Billie killing basically everyone with her drones – just before the massive crocodile comes ashore to ruin her day. We are treated to another flashback before coming back to Billie fleeing the massive croc. Billie uses a grenade to distract the monster which points it back out to sea.

The next fifteen minutes is a mixture of the past and the present. The present sees Jade’s daughter almost get eaten by the croc, but Jade programmed it not to hurt her. This leads to the final confrontation between Jade and Billie. They must have thought they were getting a season 2 as the last few minutes of the final episode leaves us on a cliffhanger. Jade has been shot and Jade’s daughter has been taken by Billie. Wounded, Jade stands up to watch her daughter disappear in a helicopter.


Resident Evil Revelations has the same issues as the rest of the series. There are too many plot lines that jump back and forth between the past and the present. Just as you are getting into the action not only does the scene change, but the timeline does as well.

While Resident Evil Revelations started strong, it just couldn’t hold the pace for the whole episode. There were some good action sequences, though, earning Resident Evil Revelations a 50/100, making it perfect for a rainy day.

The ending sucked. Especially when you consider there won’t be a season 2. The Resident Evil series could have been awesome. Unfortunately the writers and directors tried to squeeze too much into eight episodes.

If you need your Resident Evil fix, I’d go back to the classics.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Welcome to New Raccoon City80
12The Devil You Know45
13The Light77
14The Turn60
15Home Movies1
16Someone’s Little Girl25

If you need your Resident Evil fix, I’d go back to the classics.

Road Wars (2015)

Road Wars takes place in a post apocalyptic world where water is scarce and the world is full of dangers. The remaining humans are fighting to survive both the elements, and the rabid nightwalkers who come out when the sun goes down.

Does this sound a little bit like Mad Max meets Night of the Living Dead to you? Well, that’s kind of what I thought of, down to the opening scenes with muscle cars and then a biting.

Mad Max Style Cars Anyone?

If your making a Zombie Movie, please feel free to give me a ring. I’ll try and keep you from doing silly stuff. What kind of silly stuff?

Spoilers Below

The movie clearly takes place after the end of the world. It is also a very dangerous world. Yet the main female lead, Nakada played by Chloe Farnworth, has long hair. That would be hard to keep clean, and also give the Zombies something to hold onto. Wouldn’t everyone have short haircuts?

Nakada’s Very Long Hair

Then, within ten minutes Nakada and her partner immediately separate from each other. Even though they are in a new location. She then takes a squat while he wanders around the gas station. He doesn’t seem alarmed even when he find a body? Does he act worried that Nakada is somewhere nearby? Nope, he just walks over to a body on the floor and ends up getting bit.

It just doesn’t make a lot of sense how casual they are acting. It is a dangerous world that is not survivor friendly.

Sorry, I had to rant a bit as this could have been an awesome movie. Sadly the writers/directors let inconsistencies defocus from what a good Zombie Movie should be.

Overall the acting was decent, and most of the special effects were good. The main gap here was the plot. It just didn’t stay true to itself. I won’t ruin the “twist” but in a world were getting bitten means death, some of the decisions didn’t make a lot of sense.

Road Wars lost its focus on the Zombie Survival when the second group of survivors came into the picture. I personally think Road Wars would have been better if they kept the focus on the infected and less on how opposing survivor groups dealt with each other.

Road Wars Scoring

I’m giving Road Wars a 50/100. Its a good Rainy Day Movie that just tries a little too hard to cover too much ground. It’s hard to make a decent Mad Max rip off, or a decent Night of the Living Dead rip off – so it makes sense that trying to make a decent blend of the two would be even harder.

Wait for a Rainy Day, watch the movie, and let me know if you agree or disagree with my ranking in the comments.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Season 1, Episode 10

In This Life starts with Hope pulling the weapon she stole from Felix on Huck before leaving us hanging for a little while.

When we come back form the first commercial break Elton has found Silas. The smoke from cooking a rabbit gave his location up. Iris has found a stabilization boot for Felix which is letting him move about a little more freely. As Iris and Felix chat, she tells him that she doesn’t trust Huck. There is only one room in the old folks home they haven’t searched, which Huck said was full of bodies. What does it mean if Huck was lying?

Huck & Hope

Out on the trail Hope has Huck at gunpoint. Huck tells Hope that even if she pulls the trigger, the other’s will come looking for her. This is about when a few walkers come stumbling there way, and Hope has to decide on what to do. Shoot Huck? Keep her at gunpoint? Or shoot a few walkers?

Hope freezes as the walkers come closer and ends up losing her gun as Huck yells stupid sh*t. Huck is yelling stuff like “work your angles”.

Back at the old folks home Iris and Felix go into the room that Huck said was full of bodies. Only there are no bodies. The room is full of supplies. Supplies that could have helped treat Felix’s ankle as well as the truck.

While Iris and Felix are realizing that Huck might not be who she says she is. Percy is telling Elton and Silas just about the same thing. Silas wasn’t the one who killed Percy’s Uncle, it was Huck all along.

Who Sent The Messages

After clearing the walkers Huck congratulates Hope, telling her she did an awesome job killing the walkers. Hope wants to know why Huck is there, which brings Huck to admit to Hope that Hope’s father didn’t send the messages, it was Huck all along. At least according to Huck. When pressed on the why, Huck tells Hope she needed Hope to realize that civilization is worth fighting for. Huck gives Hope a long spiel about why the CRM is the right path. When Hope asks why the CRM cares about her, Huck tells her she has no idea who she is.

When we come back from commercial Leopold is having wine with his CRM girlfriend, telling her about how Hope took apart and rebuilt a computer. Hope is special. Maybe she will even save the world.

As Team Percy is making their plans to catch up to Huck a CRM team shows up in a truck, forcing them out of their hiding place. The plan is to catch up to Huck and Hope, and save Hope, which is just about the same plan that Felix and Iris come up with.

As Huck and Hope are holing up for the night Iris and Felix pull up in the truck and Huck tell her they need to hide if she wants to save their life. When they have no choice, Huck comes out and acts as if everything is okay, and Hope covers for her.

Felix pretends to believe what Huck is shoveling long enough to grab her gun and demand that she tells him what’s going on.

When we come back from the next commercial break we see Leopold’s girlfriend breaking the news that Hope will be with them shortly, but something is off, it appears that Leopold is behind glass, but it turns out what we were seeing was her practicing, Leopold wasn’t even there.

Back at the abandoned house Huck tells’ Felix that he needs to get back into the house and leave. Hope chimes in and tells Iris and Felix they have to walk away so they can live. As Felix is thinking about what Huck is saying she attacks, pushing Felix down the stairwell at the same time she knocks over the lantern.

As the fire rages Huck and Felix do battle with their spears while the girls look for the handgun that Felix dropped. Hope finds the gun before running towards the hand to hand fighting. Who does she shoot? Who does she decide to go with?

Hope then does the crazy thing so she puts the gun against her own head and tells Felix and Iris to go, that she is the asset and that she has to go with Huck to help her father.

While Hope is making her decision Silas has decided to sacrifice himself to save Percy and Elton.

Hope decides to go with Huck as Silas gives himself up to the CRM.

Back at the CRM Leopold questions the military arm of the CRM, and admits that he is afraid they are being lied to, but he knows how they can be certain.

Out on the road Huck has Hope, and they have reached the drop point, and are waiting for the helicopter. When Elizabeth arrives to pick up her daughter and Hope she tells Huck that she’s taking care of the loose ends. While Huck thought she was saving Felix and the others, her mother just made it clear that no one was going to be left alive if she had anything to say about it.

The season ends with Hope telling Iris that the Civic Republic has no idea that it’s really been the both of them all along. They are apparently smarter together than alone. As Felix and Iris walk, Bill finds them in the woods and the two embrace. Bill tells them he thought they were dead, but doesn’t tell them that everyone in their home has been gunned down by the CR.

In This Life Scoring

In This Life scored a 50/100. It just struggled to generate any excitement for me.

Things I don’t like about The Walking Dead: World Beyond

  • The writers really struggle to let any suspense build. They must believe the audience is really dumb, because they spell out everything that might lead to suspense.
  • There is no real feel of danger from the undead. The focus is all politics, but it’s not up to par with what we got from the original “The Walking Dead” and the quality gap is really noticeable.
  • The expandable spear weapons are just dumb. A solid shaft spear would just make more sense.
  • Iris’s dinosaur tooth spear is even dumber than the expandable spears. A fossil is not going to make for a good piecing weapon.
  • The flashback should be a tool used more selectively. There are just too many flashbacks in The World Beyond.
  • Why is Elton wearing a mustard suit? (screaming this)
SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50
SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Human Flow85
13Summer School70
17The Tunnel83
18The Stadium91
21The Cold95
23Card Game91
24Cold War83
25White Horse88
27The Lodge75
28The Plane99

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Season 1, Episode 2

The Blaze of Gory picks up right were Brave left off. Iris is trying to lose her zombie killing virginity, and not doing very well at it. She ends up pushing the zombie into an empty pool and only survives due to dumb luck.

The falling into a pool thing must have been a contractual item for both sisters, because just a little while after Iris ends up falling into an empty pool, so does her sister Hope.

The coolest zombie in the episode was the bee zombie, the poor undead creature was taken over by bees.

Bee Zombie

There are lots of plot points in The Blaze of Gory, including emotional flashbacks of Felix being forced to tell his father he is gay.

There was just something missing though. The edge that the other Walking Dead franchises have just doesn’t exist in this world. I’m hoping it gets there, but the world just doesn’t feel threatening, and the actors don’t feel like they are afraid of the zombies.

The Blaze of Gory Scoring

So far this feels like a G rated kids adaption of a family friendly Zombie TV Show. Unfortunately, that’s not what I am looking for. I hope things get grittier and more real soon. The Blaze of Gory fell 25 points from Brave, scoring Rainy Day Score of 50/100.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50