The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 5

Chupacabra starts with a flashback to just before everything fell completely apart. Lori and Shane are in in a column of other survivors, stopped on a highway. When they hear helicopters in the distance Shane and Lori go to look through the trees. They see the military dropping napalm on the streets.

Napalm Vs Zombies

When we come back from the first commercial break Lori has just woke up. She slept in. She doesn’t feel so good, but she’s not going to tell anyone why just yet.

On the porch, Glenn is strumming a guitar when Maggie comes out to destroy his hopes and dream. This one hurt.

Eleven Condoms = Eleven Lost Minutes

While Lori and Carol plan a meal for Hershel to show their appreciation of his hospitality, Rick and the boys are heading out early to search for Sophia. While out on the trail Shane uses an all in one Multi-Tool to hammer a flag into a tree. If your interested, I think this is the the Multi-Tool.

While out on the search Shane and Rick have a tough conversation about what they are really doing, and whether Sophia could realistically still be alive. Daryl on the other hand gets thrown off his horse after it gets spooked by a snake. In the fall Daryl ends up spiked on one of his own crossbow bolts. Ouch..

Daryl On An Arrow

Things do not get any better for Daryl as he tries to get out of the ravine he’s fallen into. After taking a tumble while trying to climb out he loses consciousness and wakes up to a walker about to take a bite. This leads to one of Daryl’s many epic Zombie kills.

Daryl Being Awesome

With a few walkers dead, Daryl is forced to climb out of the ravine in pain, and hallucinating about his brother taunting him. But he does make it out.

Back at the farm Hershel isn’t happy with all the mixing between the groups. Especially if the mixing is between Maggie and Glen.

We then get to see Dale sharing some very important knowledge with Glen about woman and their cycles.

Andrea gets excited when she sees a walker approaching in the distance. She takes aim with her rifle, even though Dale is telling her not too shoot.

Walker In The Distance?

Rick and Shane just reach Daryl and realize he’s not a walker when Andrea takes the shot…and thankfully only grazes him. Daryl has made it back to the farm, and the doll he found while searching is Sophia’s.

Inside the house, the planned meal is mildly tense. But Maggie does pass Glen a note, it sounds like he’s about to be down to 10 condoms. Hopefully it costs Maggie more than just a minute of her life. So after initiating, why does Maggie look so scared when she reads Glen’s reply?

Ever Done It In A Hayloft?

Maggie runs to the barn, but it’s too late, Glen is looking down at Hershel’s secret.

Zombie Barn

Chupacabra ends with Maggie telling Glen he wasn’t supposed to see inside the shed. I guess we have to wait for Episode 6 to see how Maggie is going to keep Glen quiet? I think she’s got eleven options?

Chupacabra Scoring

Chupacabra scored a 97/100. It was a strong, well done episode with an awesome focus on Daryl. Yes, Daryl will get you bonus points when it comes to screen time. It’s just the way it is.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Days Gone Bye100
13Tell It To The Frogs95
21What Lies Ahead95
23Save The Last One83
24Cherokee Rose94
27Pretty Much Dead Already100
210Miles Out90
211Judge, Jury, Executioner70
212Better Angels75
213Beside the Dying Fire100