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Fat Guy – Exhausted at 2.3 miles

I’m not sure how a single tenth of a mile can make such a difference. I can walk at 3.5 mile per hour for 3 miles and while I feel it, I can do it consistently. Ramp that up to 3.6 mile per hour and I can barely go a mile before it takes force of will to keep going.

So I was super happy that I could make it 2.3 miles today, but it was an effort.

Sadly I’ll be travelling starting on Wednesday so this may be may last workout for the week. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to get on the treadmill tomorrow but after that I’ll be on the road.

Mr Squeaks Cat Tax

Fat GUy – Ramping Up Again

So 3.5 miles an hour is just fine, but one I hit 3.6 miles an hour my legs just don’t seem to have what it takes an my lower back on my left glue feels like someones pressing a poker into my hip bone.

A more logical person would probably just stay at 3.5 miles an hour, but I’m a stubborn person, so I am going to hit my 3.6 mile per hour pace and gradually increase my distance until I can hit 3 miles.

When I get there we’ll see what is next.

Fat Guy – Speed Wall

So I really wanted to do 3 miles today.

What stopped me?

My max speed is apparently 3.6 miles per hour. I ramped up to 3.6 slowly over the first half mile and then held that for as far as I could, which is apparently 2 miles. My legs were hurting and I did feel a pressure in my lower left back, right over my glute. Not sharp, just a dull pressure which I’ll have to keep track of.

I guess I’ll keep this routine up and slowly increase my target to 2.1 and so on until I can make the 3 mile mark at 3.6 miles per hour.

Fat Guy – Two Days In A Row

I’m always so happy when my schedule, and more importantly, my health lets me work out two days in a row. I have this horrible cycle driven by my desire to always do a little more than the day before combined with a history of back surgery that drives me to push too far, and then regret it for a day or two.

Am I stubborn and stupid. You bet.

So when I push hard, and am able to get back on the treadmill a day later, that is a major victory. Now let’s see how I feel tomorrow…

Fat Guy – Falling Off The Horse

Last week was a little crazy. My father was in the hospital over Valentines day, and thankfully everything went well but he will need follow up surgery. Because we didn’t want to make plans depending on what happened, we celebrated Valentines day on Saturday after he was discharged.

One of my older boys, his girlfriend, my wife, and I all went out to dinner at a little place called Cinder Bar. If you live anywhere near south Jersey, this place is amazing. The atmosphere is great, and every food dish was better than the last, with one minor exception. Pass on the tuna, but everything else was straight up pulled from the Food Channel. Just really good eats.

Six Manhattan’s later (my son is a bad influence) and we ended back at his apartment and played board games. This is when I got weak. A few hours into continuing to drink and play games and we were all ready for a midnight snack. What do you get at midnight? Pizza!!!!

So yes, I broke Keto and now have to work twice as hard this week to make sure I don’t slide backwards. Hopefully this is the first of multiple work outs this week, and i kept it mild to make sure I can walk tomorrow.

What do you do if you fall off the horse? You climb back on and keep riding.

Fat Guy – Next Two Days Off

I’m going to take the next two days off as I have some family stuff I need to take care of, which is perfect because I need a few days of rest to recuperate. I was hoping to get on the treadmill today and kick some butt, but that just wasn’t meant to be. My legs are sore, my lower back is sore, and I just didn’t have it in me to do much more than a mile.

What really sucks is that I don’t think I”m going to make weight his week either, but I guess I’ll just have to work harder and be more careful about my diet next week. I don’t feel like I’ve been going crazy on the meals, but I guess my body is getting used to the diet and workouts.

Fat Guy – Going Strong

I’m trying very hard to hit my goal weight of 264.3 pounds this week. In order to do that I’ve been gradually increasing the distance by 0.1 miles per workout. If my back holds up I’ll work on 3.4 miles on Thursday.

I can definitely feel the wear and tear on my legs and lower back, but its not exactly pain, its more of a little sore, but I can’t tell yet if its the good muscle soreness that comes with a good workout or the kind that is going to just hurt tomorrow because I got old and fat when I wasn’t paying attention.

Fat Guy – Pushing Through The PLATEAU

The plateau is real. It happens when you diet and exercise, and you lose weight, then your body adjusts, and the same effort and caloric intake doesn’t result in any loss. I’m not a dietitian, but I know if my heart this is real!!!

How do you get over the hump? You need to increase your workouts, and hold study, or cut down on calories further. It so totally sucks.

I’m embracing the suck right now and adding a little time and distance to my workouts to help push through the plateau. How does my back feel? I feel like someone has taken a spike and slowly hammered it into my left pelvis. It’s not quite nerve pain, and its not quite muscle pain. Its a dull, deep throbbing. If it resolves I’ll try to get back on the horse tomorrow, if not, I’ll take the day off to rest so I don’t hurt myself.

Here’s hoping I can make my weight in a week.

Fat Guy – Too Hard Too Fast

I worked out yesterday, but it was really late when I got off work and by the time I got off the treadmill I was beat and just laid down and went to bed. Did I deserve to sleep? Yes, I pushed really hard and beat my 3 mile time, and actually felt good afterwards, tired, but that good tired.

My goal today was to do another 3 miles, rest tomorrow, and then get back on the treadmill on Saturday. Unfortunately after a little over a mile my legs told me they didn’t have it in them today. The good news is that it wasn’t my back, but my legs were sore from yesterday and I decided to call it instead of trying to push it and risk an injury.

So now I will rest and see how I feel tomorrow.

Fat Guy – Workout 3.3 Miles Per Hour

I’m holding my workout for now at 3.3 miles per hour until my legs and back don’t hurt on the following day, and then I’ll bump it up to 3.4. I read somewhere that a normal walking pace is 3 or 4 miles per hour, so my goal is eventually to get to a 15 minute mile.

I’ve also cut back on my calorie intake this week, as I’m hoping to break through the freeze on my weight loss I’ve had over the last week. Fingers crossed.

Cat tax…

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