My Yard – Comfy Kitty

We have a field next to our house and my wife put out houses. She was so happy to see the cats enjoying the space.

My wife captured the momma and all babies and got them fixed when they were old enough. The five of them now enjoy their life in our side field (including heating pads in winter) and get two meals a day. We used to have to go into the woods a bit to feed them. Now they just wait on our deck and have a truce with our dogs. (They just ignore each other.)

Breakfast On The Deck

Brovaries – Cats And Dogs

I wish my cats and dogs get along this well. My dogs were older when we got the cats and the kits were crazy little kittens that wanted to play -with claws. The dogs tolerate them, but don’t really let any of our cats but one get close enough to snuggle.