Bad Gun Handling – Red Dot & Cats

Red Dot & Cats don’t mix. I don’t care if that is a BB gun, Airsoft gun, or an actual firearm. This is just Bad Gun Handling. Using your Red Dot to play with your pet is just setting yourself up for a horrible accident. Even if you don’t love the animal, I’m sure your family does. Do you want to have to explain to your kids or significant other why the cat is all over your floor and walls? Not me.

Treat every weapon as if its loaded! Safety first.

Bad Gun Handling = Homemade Rockets
Safety First

Why do I show these videos? Because I like to go to the range and every one of these videos gives the non shooting public a bad impression of the total shooting community.

Always follow the four basic rules of Gun Safety:

  1. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Treat all guns as though they are loaded.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it.

Wear good Safety Gear and learn the proper skills to shoot safety.

This is a clear violation of Rule 1. No way that weapon is being pointed in a safe direction. Because no direction is safe when you are playing with Homemade Rockets.

I hope this guy didn’t lose an eye or worse, his life. If you are going to play with projectiles, make sure you take appropriate safety precautions!

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