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Trump – So What?

Really Scaramuchi, so what?

Trump is an idiot and your response is – so what?

Trump has to be kept from hurting our country by those around him and your response is – so what?

What has happened to my country and to my party?

Trump is not above the law.

Trump is not a king.

This does matter. Because if it doesn’t, we lose our country.

Trump – I Want To Fire The Guy So I Can Fire The Guy Investigating Me

Can you imagine any other job where you would push to get the guy investigating you fired?

Can Trump act more guilty?

I wonder why he wants to kill this hole Mueller thing so bad?

My guess is that he’s got more ties to Russia than any of us would believe.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports this Weak On Russia President.

Trump – Devoured By Putin

Trump has no spine. Not unless it is to attack Canada or some poor woman who is accusing him of being a predator – then he is all toughness and fire.

Not so when it comes to national security. Trump is all over a wall to stop a few poor people from South America, but he doesn’t care, and won’t even acknowledge that Russia committed an act of war in 2016.

Why? Why is Trump so weak against Russia?

There are only two reasons.

1.) Trump didn’t know they were helping (even with all the Russian contact on his team) and his ego won’t let him acknowledge it. If this is the case, he’s still a traitor to his country because he refuses to address the issue. Your ego doesn’t matter. I want dead hackers. I want Russia to know that if they attack my country they will be attacked back.

2.) Trump was in on it. I bet if Trump was in on it that Russia would have a lot on Trump. Enough to make him change his parties view on tons of important issues. I bet they could ask Trump to cancel the military exercises in Korea and he’d have to do it. I bet the’d want Trump to change the RNC platform’s stance on Ukraine and he’d have to do it. I bet Putin could ask Trump to back off on Syria and he’d have to do it.

It sure looks to me like Trump is a traitor.

Trump – Racism = Victory

Trump is a horrible person.

I wish I had seen it before it was too late but I was caught up in all the hype, and honestly was likely impacted by the ton of web interference that Russia ran for Trump.

My viewpoint was skewed because I was exposed to a constant barrage of fake news.

Now I am stuck with a racist, corrupt, pawn of Russia who’s only job is to hurt the USA any way he can.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his band of Russian loving congress.

Save our country.

Trump – Above The Law?

It is only a matter of time before Trump declares himself King.

He forgets that he is a public servant, not the master of all.

Trump wants you to believe that he can pardon himself. That no one could touch him even if he shot someone. Trump believes he is above the law.

No one is above the law.

The constitution explicitly states that no man can be his own judge.

Trump is destroying our country – which is exactly what Putin wants.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.


Trump – When Do The Lies Stop?

Where is my Republican Party?

Where are the moral, strong men who would stand beside John McCain and enforce the checks and balances that the Constitution lays out?

Trump is not a King.

We don’t serve Trump. Trump serves us. Stand up, remind him that he is not above the law.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.