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Trump – Hurting Our Economy

Why is Trump attacking our allies and starting trade wars that will hurt our economy and drive up consumer costs?

My first guess is that he’s an idiot and he thinks he can just do whatever he wants.

My second guess is that Putin has some real dirt on Trump and he’s dancing to a tune that is designed to hurt our country.

Save our nation. Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Setting The Bar From Above

The cruel and horrible comment that McCain no longer matters, as he’ll be dead soon, is because of Trump. He lies and he says horrible things on a daily basis, is it any wonder the people working for him say things like this?

Save our party.

Save our country.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Above The Law

Should any politician be above disclosures?

Trump thinks so.

The moment you enter the public stage and want to serve the nation, your expectations for privacy have to change.

Men like Trump should never be allowed to fool us again.

Trump is not a king, he is a public servant – he just doesn’t agree with me, or the constitution.

Trump – Full Time Turbulence Ahead

Electing Trump was a huge mistake.

I regret my vote.

I wish I’d wanted more than a “change” and really thought about Trump’s record.

He’s destroying the United States just like he destroyed his businesses – and just like his companies, I’m not sure if he was funded by the Russians.

Save our country. Let Mueller do his job.

Trump – Attacking The Investigators

Does an innocent man attack the organization that is investigating him?

Trump and his team keeps saying nothing has been found. How do they know that? Multiple indictments have been passed down and the investigation is ongoing. So if they had found nothing wouldn’t the investigation have ended?

Trump acts guilty. Trump reacts like he is guilty. Trump is attacking the people investigating him just like a guilty person would.

Sure looks to me like he is guilty…

Trump – Profits Over People

Trump lobbied against New York ordinances that would have required sprinklers in residential high rises.

There was a single motivating factor.

To save Trump from having to spend money.

Nothing has changed. Trump only cares about one thing, and that is the money in his bank account and his ability to get more by giving huge tax cuts to his rich friends.

Trump has turned on the middle class, and worse, he likely turned on his country.

Save our nation. Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – I Am Responsible

I am responsible for the mess our country is in.

I am a registered Republican and I bought into the Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again.

I am not a racist. I am not a nationalist.

I was swept up by the media and the excitement of doing something that broke us out of the status quo.

I wish I could take my vote back.

Trump is governed by one thing, and one thing only, and no one can control his ego. This is bad for our country.

Save our nation, put your country over your party and vote out anyone who supports Trump.