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Trump – The End Of Democracy?

Do you know how I know all the crazy, treasonous, insane claims by the right wing and Faux News are nothing but smoke?

If they had a shred of evidence they would be taking cases to court and raising bills in Congress. But they aren’t, because all of this is just pressure to try and shut down Mueller, and then, when the really bad things come out about Trump, they can point to all their made up alternative facts as to why it doesn’t matter.

Trump & Faux News are trying to kill our democracy.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump and boycott any product sold on Faux.

Save our country.

Trump – Are You A Racist For Calling Him A Racist

I wish this were the Onion.

Faux News is turning this country into a joke.

First they attack the FBI for doing their jobs. They are a partisan group that doesn’t care if we have a President who may have been compromised by the Russians. They don’t care about the facts or the truth. All they care about is keeping the super wealthy Trump in office so they can push for more hate towards the impoverished so they can keep a few more dollars.

Take a back our party. The country has to come before the party.

Anyone who stands with Trump is a traitor to our nation and must be held to account at the polls, and with our pocketbooks. Boycott anyone who advertises on Fox. Vote out anyone who supports this Weak On Russia Trump presidency.

Make the Republican Party strong again. Support a strong military that will stand up against the Russians. Support strong fiscal policies that don’t let us spend money we don’t have – even if, and especially if, that is to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy.

Trump – Cheating Husband

Trump can’t deny he paid a porn star $130,000. The contracts of leaked. What he does deny is that he had sex with the porn star.

Does anyone believe this?

I should have gone running for another candidate when the “Grab em by the p*ssy” comment hit, but I was blinded by the bullshit.

Now we know what a disgusting man Trump really is. Cheating on his wife, who just had his baby, and then paying her for her silence.

Anyone who supports Trump, or who has supported Trump has to be voted out.

The country must come before the party.

Trump – Trading Healthcare For (M/B)illionaire Tax Cuts

I live in a solidly lower middle class area. Everyone around me works for a living and if they missed a paycheck, they would be in big trouble.

Some of them are huge Trump supporters. Come February when they get a few extra dollars in their paychecks, they will point to that as a victory. They have a real trouble seeing the bigger picture. You might have gotten a few dollars back on your paycheck, but your boss and the company you work for are both getting massive tax cuts. And the Social Security that we rely on to someday not starve to death when we are older is now in play as far as the current Republican Party is concerned. Healthcare? Trump/Ryan/Mcconnell want to do away with Medicare.

These good men and women, working class people who struggle to pay their bills, have been told by Faux News and the right wing media that they are struggling because of illegals and brown people. They firmly believe that their economic status is tied to immigration, and not to the fact that all the wealth has shifted to the top 1%, and Trump’s tax plan only accelerates that.

Trump and this batch of Republicans have turned on the Middle Class. They have turned on working class America, and we must make them pay.

I am a Republican. I vote Republican because I want a strong military and I don’t think we should spend more than we make. But I also believe in country over party, and the current Republicans in Congress have turned on us, Middle Class America, and they must be voted out.

I hope there are strong, logical, Middle Class supporting Republicans to vote for in November, but if not, I’ll be voting anyone who is against Trump, and anyone who is against these massive give away tax cuts that only help to shift more to the people who need it the least.

Trump – Enhanced By Putin?

Russian bots.

Russian hackers.

Russian money?

How far did Putin go to get this horribly destructive man child Trump into office?

We need to save our country. The country must always come before party.

Any Republican (or Democrat) that supports Trump must be voted out.

They must be made to pay by losing their offices for supporting this train wreck of a presidency.

Trump – Does An Innocent Man Attack The FBI

If Trump is so innocent why has the Republican Party gone into full attack mode?

Trump is destroying this country and the current batch of Republicans don’t care because they have been corrupted by money. All Ryan & McConnell care about is their tax cut and taking care of their rich donors.

This is scary and disgusting.

They are attacking the FBI!!! Does anyone think the FBI is actually corrupt? This is the organization that has protected and served our country since 1908 – and now because Trump knows the net is closing in on him – and because the current batch of Republicans have turned on the middle class and only care about getting huge tax breaks for their rich friends – they are willing to let a President who has lied and lied and lied about Russia go without wanting to find out the truth.

The country has to come before the party.

Everyone, everyone who is supporting shutting down this investigation has to be voted out.

Save our country.

Trump – Screw The Middle Class

Trump has turned on his voters.

He was supposed to be fore the little guy and not for the super rich.

Boy do I feel like a dummy for voting for this guy. He promised change, instead the only thing that got changed is that the raping of the middle class was put into high gear.

Trump is both a traitor to those who voted for him, and probably to his country as well with everything that is coming out.

Save the Republican Party, save our country.

Country Over Party!!!!